Wednesday, January 6, 2010


A terrific day at Practicum!  I saw ACTUAL STUDENTS today.  I even GAVE some counselling today, and got great feedback from the guidance counsellor who was sitting in.  She said really liked the questions I asked our 'client', and wished she was better at asking the right questions.  

It was a spur of the moment kind of thing - - I was doing something else, and she came into the office where I was and asked if I could help her.  So I didn't have a chance to get nervous - - and I feel like I did some real honest-to-goodness work - - not just "practicing" practice. I also sat in on another session, and connected with a third student to offer her my assistance with a peer mentoring group she's been running. 

AND....I never fell down one time!


  1. Wow! Thinking on your feet AND staying on your feet! At the same time!!! That gets top marks from me!

  2. see! I knew you could do it! Way to go! It's smooth sailing from here.

  3. Way to go!! Knew you could do it!! Tomorrow will be even better!!
    Take care!!

  4. Good job Nancy! I think you'd be perfect working at a High school with teenagers!! Your comment reminds me of a book I read once by a guy who ran a camp for troubled teenagers. He wrote that he only asks three questions over and over when kids come in with problems:

    1. What is the problem?
    2. How do you feel?
    3. What are you going to do about it?

    He asked them over and over until the kid worked through the issue and had a plan of attack. We tried it with our own teenagers lots of times and it works really well. maybe you can use these questions sometimes too...every bit helps eh? Enjoy that long will you be there?

    Hugs, Jacqui

  5. Good for you!!! The questions should be hard on the client, and it sounds like you did it well!!