Saturday, January 30, 2010

...and I might as well brag

...have you scrolled down to look at my ticker lately?  I'm already 1/3 of the way to my goal for using $1000 worth of coupons in 2010.

I send Hubby and Itty Bitty to Walmart to get me some Advil Cold the other night - - $3.77 each - $3 coupon = $0.77!!!

I was there early this week myself, and bought 9 sticks of Secret Flawless deodorant, which was on sale for $1.66 (which is a darn good deal on it own, since Flawless is usually around $4 usually).  I had 3x $2 off when you buy 2, and 3x $1.50 off coupons. That's less than 50 cents each!!! And Secret is the only brand I use, so stocking up was a good idea. you may want to wash your hands

...after you read this blog entry.  I AM SICK!!

But let me give some praise where it's due. 

I'm usually pretty critical of the health care system in Ontario - - I consider the years pre-Mike Harris to be the good ole days - - though I realize that I should be grateful because I was able to get very good care today - three cheers for socialized medicine!

I've had a sore throat for three days, and went to a walk-in clinic last night and got a Rx for antibiotics.  But, by this morning, my throat was nearly swollen closed and Hubby took me to Emerg.  I don't think our chairs even got a degree warmer before I was whisked into an exam room, stripped down, IV started, steroids, pain meds, and ice chips given. A brief history, some vitals, and I was off to Xray for a soft tissue view to look at my airway, and check for abcesses.  They kept me for about two hours, rechecking O2 sats and BP, and sent me home with new Rxs for narcotic analgesics and steroids, and direction to return promptly if anything changed. 

This afternoon, the phone rang, and it was the doctor who had seen me this morning.  She said she had taken another look at my Xray, and wanted to know what pharmacy I dealt with because she wanted to order a different antibiotics. She asked me how my pain was, and if I was drinking well, and reminded me to come back if I should have more pain, or a high fever, then warned me against getting dehydrated again.

Wow!  I guess being OUT of nursing for a couple of years has reduced my cynical bias against hospitals, or things are just getting better.  I was pretty impressed, and grateful that what could have gone very bad, was such a positive experience.  And yes, I've started my new antibiotics, and I DO already feel a good deal better!!! 

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Scientific Fact: Cats cannot meow with fondant icing in their mouths

Well, seems another year has gone by, and yesterday was my birthday.  I cannot tell you how old I am, because it's an "F" word!

Wednesday evening, I was invited to join some quilty friends for QNIC (quilting night in Canada!) but by the time I got home from school, got my "livestock" fed, shopped for chemistry experiment supplies (yikes!) I was knackered.  All I wanted to do was put on my nightgown and go to bed.  Which was precisely what I did.

I called with my regrets, leaving a message on Jacqui's voice mail.  A little while later, the phone rang, and Gail calmly explained that I was NOT excused from attending, because it was my surprise birthday party!  OMG - first I laughed my head off, and then scrambled to get my clothes back on and get to my party!

Last night, I was in my pjs (again?) sitting at the dining room table, reading a magazine when there was a knock at the door, and in walked my mother and grandmother!  By this time I had completely forgotten it WAS my birthday! We visited for a while, and then Hubby came home, with all the trimmings for another birthday party!  Cake & icecream, and later my brother (who will be joining me in "F" word zone when his birthday comes around next month!).

A friend of Hubby's makes cakes as a hobby.  He asked her to make a cake that looked like a quilt!  What do you think?

Of course, Gibby Kitty wanted in on some of this cake action:

Look at those evil eyes! 
 "Just hand over some icing, and no one gets hurt!"

Sunday, January 17, 2010

....soooooo boring on the world wide web today....

Even PostSecrets was pretty tame.  Hardly anybody has blogged, and I subscribe to about 100 blogs.   Somebody call a waaaaaaaaaaaahmbulance!

Maybe I need vitamins or something to liven me up!

Friday, January 15, 2010

So, it's Friday Night Sew-In...

...and I haven't done a thing!  Okay...I puttered around a little with a block, but it's still on the machine.

But I do need to blog about what a great BQF I have in Gail 

Knowing that my heart goes pitter-pat for scraps, she cheerfully shopped for some at the London Friendship Quilter's Guild rummage sale last night.  Just look what I have here! (Gail must know I have a weakness for blue too!)

And there was a big chunk of this Debbie Mumm fabric:

Which will likely make some fun quilt labels.  Here's a closer look: 

And I've been meaning to post a photo of the lovely candle mat Gail made for me for Christmas.  Love the Figgy Pudding fabrics!

So, are you wondering how I'm doing with my New Year's Resolution to use $1000 in coupons?  In just two weeks, I'm over $90 - - and I'm now addicted!

This is why I haven't been sewing tonight--I've been going through the weekly flyers to scout out some good deals.  Hubby even used coupons today!  Campell's soup is on sale for $.44 this weekend, and I had a bunch of Buy 3, Save $.50 coupons - - so he got 2 cases of soup.  If my math works out right, that's about $.27 a can.  (Good shopping sweetie!)

If you're inspired to join me in my resolution, here's a link I stumbled upon tonight (sorry, just Canadians)

Monday, January 11, 2010

A Change in Email Address

We've JUST switched internet provider services this past week, and now I have a new email address. 

I figured the best way to pass my new email address on is to ask that interested parties post a 'comment' on my blog here - - which will generate an email to arrive in my new inbox - - and I will reply to each message individually. 

Hopefully by protecting my new addy as best I can manage, I will not have too many "Enlarge your penis" and "viagra" spam mails!  ;)

School is FANTASTIC!  I love social work-ing!!!  Practicum is just the medicine I needed.

And, my coupon count is up - - I'm creeping towards $40, and it's only the 11th of January.  I used $1.75 today.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

OH - this is what I need!

A Friday Night Sew-In 

Click on the link for all the details.  The first Friday Night Sew-In of the year is next week!

Time for a photo or two, eh?

I've got 20 blocks done in my Black & Bright quilt top, and I'm not sure how big it will go - - but I have 8 more blocks cut and ready to sew, so it could go on for some time. :

I managed to go out to ONE thrift store this weekend.  I'm really pleased with the 'cutter' shirt ($2) - it's brand new, XXL, and probably some man got it as a gift and thought....ya, like I'm gonna wear FLOWERS!!!  I don't know what I'll ever do with the little pink vase, but it called out to me (50¢) and a couple of little embroidered napkins (25¢ each) which may just get turned into quilt labels - particularly the hand embroidered one with the flower basket.

I also did a little shopping this morning, and can now add another $7.35 to my coupon ticker!  A little closer to my $1000 goal.

Here's a (Canadian) tip - - there's a BOGO (buy one get one free) coupon that's printable from the SC Johnson website for Pledge furniture polish or multi-surface cleaner.

There's actually several good printable coupons there, so take a look. AND Pledge is on sale at Canadian Tire this week for $4 (reg. $4.99).   2 for $4.00 is a nice savings from the regular price of $9.98, and I was allllllll out of furniture polish (from all the lively dusting I do!).  Plus, I used $2.35 of CT money, so that was an even bigger savings.  I wish I had had some Royale bathroom tissue coupons today - - 12 double rolls for $3.77 is an awesome deal, but would have been even sweeter with a coupon!

I hope to do some sewing tomorrow - - once I get some HOMEWORK done!!! - - hope everyone is having a GREAT WEEKEND!!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

I Loooooooooooooove High School!

Today was my 3rd day of Practicum - - and it is wonderful!  I got to spend more time with lots of different students today. I wish I could share everything I saw and learned today!!!

Lots of homework over the weekend, but I intend to spend a little time sewing. BQF Gail called this afternoon and let me know that Claudia's Quilt Shoppe is providing another Free BOM (I've done the last two) and wanted to know if I was "IN".  Silly me....I agreed before looking to see what it was I was signing myself up for! 

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


A terrific day at Practicum!  I saw ACTUAL STUDENTS today.  I even GAVE some counselling today, and got great feedback from the guidance counsellor who was sitting in.  She said really liked the questions I asked our 'client', and wished she was better at asking the right questions.  

It was a spur of the moment kind of thing - - I was doing something else, and she came into the office where I was and asked if I could help her.  So I didn't have a chance to get nervous - - and I feel like I did some real honest-to-goodness work - - not just "practicing" practice. I also sat in on another session, and connected with a third student to offer her my assistance with a peer mentoring group she's been running. 

AND....I never fell down one time!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My First Day of Practicum

hu·bris : \ˈhyü-brəs\ 1. exaggerated pride or self-confidence 2. what happens on your first day of practicum that causes you to fall down a flight of stairs in front of a police officer, a security guard and ohhhhhhhhhh about 100 students

No....I didn't hurt myself.  I'm a little stiff in the upper back, neck, shoulder region - - which is weird, cuz I landed on my @$$!!!!!  It was a very exciting first day.  I was soooooooooooooo tired when it was all over, and I've got a whole whack of 'to-do's' for tomorrow. (Day #2) I'm sitting in on my first gen-u-ine counselling session tomorrow morning - - not a role play, and not MY OWN!!!  LOLOLOL

...I'll be sure to hold on to the handrail when I go up or down any stairs tomorrow

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Grateful Heart Sampler: Ocean Waves

"Earth's oceans cover over 70% of its surface.  What affects the oceans, affects our lives.  Our gratitude for water, beaches, sea life, and all the natural resources in and under the ocean should make us active defenders of the cleanliness and health of all of the planet's living waters." p. 58

Yeah, so I kinda knew there wasn't a hope in hell that I was going to get this block done with matched up corners and seams.  Too many biases, too many set in seams.  BUT YOU KNOW WHAT???  It's flat and it's square and it's exactly the right size.  This is good enough for me.  I'll call this one my 'vanity block'.

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY!!!

I start my practicum tomorrow - as a student social worker at a very large high school.  I'm so excited!! 

I went to the University library this afternoon and photocopied some course Reserve Readings.  I'll be taking 4 courses at the same time.  It was a little screwy - - two of my profs haven't exactly gotten around to RESERVING the books that they want us to read several of them aren't even in the library, never have been in this campus library (although two of them are at Main campus), or are articles so old, they will have to be specially ordered up from the archives.  (ugh)  The librarian took the course numbers, and the prof's names and email addresses in order to personally harass them.

Petsmart is on the way home from school, so I pulled in to make use of some cat food coupons.  There I learned that they have special sales for "PetPerks" card holders - - and this week, I had coupons for two of the special PetPerk sales...I know...I'm so confusing!  But let's just say I got a PetPerks card, and I can add another $13.78 to my $1000 challenge. 

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Grateful Heart Sampler: Friendship Stars

"How does one even begin to express the blessings of friendship? My words seem inadequate so I chose a few meaningful quotes to share:
'Gems may be precious, but friends are priceless.' Unknown
'Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.' Helen Keller
'It takes a long time to grow an old friend.' Unknown" p.57

New Year: New Resolutions?

I hadn't intended to make any New Year's Resolutions, but how can I resist?  The New Year always feels like the best time to take a challenge in hand and declare war.  According to a survey I found somewhere on the net (so it's completely scientific-y, by gosh!) here are the TOP TEN resolutions:

1. Stop smoking  
2. Get Fit 
3. Lose Weight
4. Enjoy Life More  
5. Quit Drinking  
6. Get Organized  
7. Learn Something New  
8. Get Out of Debt  
9. Spend more time with the Family  
10. Help Others

If you've learned anything about know for sure I'm CHEAP!!!  Not thrifty, not frugal, just plain cheap.  Something I started a few months ago was to start using store coupons, and I'm always quite tickled when I get a particularly amazing bargain.  Of course, I limit my coupon use to items we actually USE in this house, and always try to maximize my savings by waiting until the items are on sale if possible. 

But, if you'll scroll to the bottom of the page, you'll see I've added a ticker to my blog, and challenged myself to use $1000 worth of coupons this year.  That's a pretty stiff challenge, but I'm going to include the redemption of Canadian Tire money and Shopper's Drug Mart Optimum points.

I also do my best to optimize my CT money and Optimum points by buying my gas at Canadian Tire, paying cash, and using a coupon to get bonus CT money (usually amounts to somewhere between $1.40 to $2.00 a week) and do my shopping a SDM on bonus points day.

So, how am I doing so far?  Well, you'll see I'm up to $12 and it's only the 2nd day of the year.  I went to SDM this morning, and collected 30,000 points (it's 20x the points day) and used $12 in coupons.  See, Kleenex products (click the link to learn everything you wanted to know about the history of Kleenex!) were 40% off, and I had a handful of Buy 2, save $1 coupons.  I used 9 of those coupons, buying 18 boxes of Kleenex tissue for $.99 each -- 18 boxes of tissue for $8.82. 

Where did I get the Kleenex coupons?  They were right on the shelf at the store!

Lever 2000 soap is usually priced at $5.69 for four 89g bars.  But this week, it's on sale for $1.69, and I had a $1 off coupon, so I bought three packages: $2.07 for 12 bars of name brand soap (roughly 17¢ a bar). The coupons were on the shelf in the store a few months back, and I helped myself to a few, and put them in my stash.

You'll have to forgive the length of this blog post, and that the following information is probably only going to be useful for Canadian readers.

  • SmartCanucks : I subscribe to this blog to learn about the best deals, and occasionally check out the forum to see what bargains other shoppers are getting, and find the links to PRINTABLE coupons.

  • : Pick the coupons you want, and they will be mailed to you in a few days.

  • : Pick the coupons you want, and they will be mailed to you in a few days.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Holiday are coming to an end...'s time to get some things DONE! I sewed together all of my Black & White blocks, and added a narrow border. Unfortunately, I haven't got enough HSTs to do all four sides yet. I'm ALL OUT of black and white scraps.

Also, did some more work on Black & Brights.

This is what I'm currently reading: "Lost Continent: Travels in Small-Town America" by Bill Bryson. While I was surprised to see that it was published TWENTY years ago, there's nothing DATED about this book. It's not nearly as funny as Notes from a Small Island , which was absolutely HYSTERICAL!!!

"A travelogue by Bill Bryson is as close to a sure thing as funny books get. The Lost Continent is no exception. Following an urge to rediscover his youth (he should know better), the author leaves his native Des Moines, Iowa, in a journey that takes him across 38 states. Lucky for us, he brought a notebook."