Saturday, December 29, 2012

I went looking for my freezer paper...

...and found a Rubbermaid Tote full of UFOs!!!!  What the..????

I swore I had put my hands on every single thing sewing room related over the past three days.  Today, it was time to do some sewing, so I went looking for my freezer paper.  I know I had some somewhere....seems I just bought some not too long ago.  But where could it be?  

I had Itty Bitty look under the bed; look under the cabinet.  That only left the closet where we store out of season clothes, suitcases, and guitar cases.  I knew there was a box that held my knitting and crochet supplies and books in there, so I took a peek, just in case I stuffed it in there.  OMG!!!!!!!

It is full to the brim with quilt tops, waiting, for many years, to be finished.

I don't even know the names of some of these, when I made them, or what my intentions were.  But here goes...

I hand appliquéd each of the different tulip blocks.  I can't remember the book it came from, but the large shapes and easy curves were a joy.  I still have lots of yellow and blue prints left over from this project, and I'm thinking I'd like to add some more borders to this, since it has just way too much work in it to be a throw sized quilt.  It needs to become a bed size.  Any ideas?.  I wish I had some more of the background though - -  it is a pale yellow toile print on white - very pretty.  I'm pretty pleased with the sashing I did on this.

This bad boy is HUGE!  Every fabric is different, and it's all scraps.  I have no intention of finishing it.  I wonder if my sister likes it?  It's got to have ample pillow tuck and drop - it is monstrous - I suppose each block finishes at 12", so - a few simple calculations.....aaaaaand....yup.  Just as I suspected.  It's a big 'un.

I worked hard on this tesselated autumn leaf quilt top.  Each leaf, even the background, is a different fabric.  It took a long time to put this together, because they had to be pieced together very carefully to ensure the right fabrics ended up where they were supposed to be.  

Oh wow!  Was this a Bonnie Hunter quilt?  I remember that the pinwheels in the border were bonus triangles.  I kept enough of the bright blue first border fabric for binding - it's all cut and waiting to go!  I still like this one, with all the bright prints.  Not my typical palette, but I really enjoyed looking at all the different scrappy prints today.  I must have gotten desperate at one point, because there is a pink 30's repro in there.

This was a Border-of-the-Month quilt.  I can't remember what website it came from.  My focus fabric (the red) was a Mary Engelbreit print of little girls sewing and notions.  I believe this is probably the youngest of the UFO's, because I actually remember sewing this on the west side of the basement - the rest were made when my sewing studio was on the east.  Funny remembering that, eh?

This is Egg Money designed by Eleanor Burns.  I put the big wide border on it in order to scallop the edge.  I think that's out of the question now.  I don't have the book anymore - at least I don't think I do - so I don't have the instructions.  That kind of math is just waaaay too difficult for me.  I kept plenty of binding fabric for it, but it's not bias cut, so it wouldn't be any good for binding scallops anyway!  I wanted to hand quilt this one -- maybe some Baptist Fans in the border?  Hmm...we'll see.

Know what?  Never did find my freezer paper.  I sent Itty Bitty to the grocery store, and he picked me up a huge 50' roll, 18" wide for about $6.  Holy moley!  And I've been buying it by the yard at the quilt store!!!


  1. You know I'll take anything you want finished. I always find homes for them when they are done.

  2. you are very welcome to post any of them to me and I'll give them a good home and finish them and put them on real beds and have cold chilly brits sleep under them - love frugal queen xxx

  3. They are all lovely...amazed that you forgot them! I'd be more than happy to take any of them off your hands. Lol!

  4. love the first one, do a white border and call it done. The others can go back in the tote till next time. All are lovely, I think I even remember when you made a few of those- lol

  5. How funny! And I can't believe you've been buying freezer paper from the quilt store - way overpriced!

    1. I know, eh? And I am one of the cheapest people on the planet! Itty Bitty said it was actually on sale for $4.49, and briefly considered getting another box - - ah, I've taught my boy about getting a bargain!