Friday, December 28, 2012

I'm Making Some Progress

I spent allllllll day with my stash!

All of my yardage is now wrapped onto comic book storage boards à la Smashed Peas and Carrots, and arranged by colour in this cabinet.  The boxes above and below represent some UFOs, PIGs, and WIPs that I wrangled today - - now I have a very good sense of what is lurking in the deep crevices of my so-called sewing room.

There is still work to be done -- I have a cardboard box full of uglies that I have to make a decision about - - whether to cut up for strings, toss, or give away.  I still have a great deal of FQs and smaller pieces that may qualify for the ugly pile too - but I need to have a clearer head to process through them.  There is still space in the bottom right hand shelf of my cabinet for neatly folded FQs.

I have another cardboard box full of fabric that is definitely going.  My sister can expect this to be dropped off next time one of us make a trip to St. T.

I also need to go through all of my notions, and put them in some semblance of order.  Right now, they are all over Itty Bitty's bed!

Yes, it was a very good day indeed.  I feel like I really accomplished some stuff.


  1. It looks well organized and very pretty too. Nice job.

  2. Great job. Love the cabinet. Don't toss the uglies, cut them up, if they are still ugly, then you didn't cut them small enough. Put them together in a scrappy quilt and they will look gorgeous.

  3. Your latest posts on UFO's and such have been so fun...spending a day organizing is one of my favorite past times...that way I can still avoid actually working on projects that no longer inspire me...

    If only you hired out what a time you could have in my sewing and wool rooms...