Friday, December 28, 2012


North of the Forty-Nine I fell in love with this quilt after seeing it hanging in a Quilt Shop. I remember having to order the book online, but barely got past a couple of blocks. Still lots of work to do on the blocks, then sandwich, quilt and bind.

Grateful Hearts Sampler I started this quilt top in Jan `10.  All the fabric is purchased, and a handful of blocks are done - but lots to go yet!  

Tea Cups - This is a very oooold project, when I first learning about paper piecing.  I have 11 blocks done.  I think these are destined to be orphan blocks, but I`m not quite ready to give them up.

Civil War Diary – Another oldie but goodie.  I have 13 blocks done - and a huge stack of CW repro fabrics.  I`ll get back to this. I enjoyed fussy cutting for these blocks.  This is a long term project.

Quilt Kits - I spent some time a couple of years ago cutting up stash to prepare kits.  I have 7 kits still in their ziplocs.

Erin's Visit – This was a "homemade quilt kit in a ziploc" and I've sewn 10 blocks so far.

Black & Bright – I've got 35 blocks done.  I'm not sure if I need to make more blocks or not. I pieced the bonus triangles as I went along, and I think I would incorporate them into a border or some kind.  This is going to take some design work, possibly some more blocks, piecing, then sandwich, quilt and bind.

Rural Jardin – I am sure I had a plan for this at some point-- why else would I purchase 2yds of fabric, plus a $40 Jelly Roll? I wouldn't mind some suggestions! 

Mill House Inn – Yep, I remember buying the3 charm packs, as well as 1 metre & 2 metre cuts of coordinating fabric.  But do I remember what I was going to make with it? Nope. Again, I'm open to suggestions! Gibby heard the camera turn on, and instantly jumped into the photo - my favourite ham!

Beatles panels – pillows and quilt and 2 metre cut of keyboard printed fabric - I intended to stitch these up into some fast project for Hubby's "man room".  He doesn't have a "man room" any longer, but I'm not ready to get rid of this yet.

Granny Squares - I have wanted to make this quilt for a long time.  I found a great tutorial HERE at Lori's blog Bee In My Bonnet.  I've been cutting fabric for it, and test laying out blocks.  I am planning on using black fabrics instead of brown in this pic, or white in the tutorial.

Sweet Tea - I bought this fabric in Dec '09.  I think about starting this quilt all the time, and it was especially on my mind as I sorted through my fabrics over the last couple of days and noticed all the lovely pink prints I have in my stash.

Grandmother`s Choice - Another recent WIP.  This BOW is to be found at and I am behind!  I have two blocks to catch up, and another one is going to be posted tomorrow morning. I have a box full of black and red CW repro FQs that I've set aside for this project.

School of Rock - I started this quilt in Aug '10.  It's nearly done.  It's pin basted and half quilted.  I just need to finish quilting it, and then bind.

Spinning Four-Patches - I made these blocks in Dec 09  and I do want to finish them off.  

Scrappy Mountain Majesty - this is a more recent WIP.  It's a Bonnie Hunter pattern, and the first pair of blocks - - yeah, I screwed them up. I tore the first block apart twice before I finally realized, it cannot be fixed. I'm using up recycled men's shirts.

Mug Mats - another recent WIP.  I just have to hand stitch down the binding on the last two.

 Finished tops to be Sandwiched, Quilted, and Bound

  • Cranberry Garland - I understand my mom is in serious like with this quilt.  I recently finished this top.

  • Nine Patch - this photo doesn't represent what the finished top looks like.  It was a free pattern from Moda Bake Shop: Sweet Menagerie. It has a couple of borders on it now.

  • Courthouse Steps  - I love this quilt.  This photo doesn't represent what the finished top looks like, but I guess I didn't take a photo of it. This was pieced entirely from recycled men's shirts, and it is queen sized.  I have the back pieced as well, and included lots of left overs from the top.

  • Virginia Bound  - this is one of my favourite quilts I've ever made.  It's from Bonnie Hunter's first book, I believe -- Scraps & Shirttails.  Now that I look at it though...I wonder if I should consider adding a border to it - or perhaps I already did!  I didn't unfold it! :)  This was such a pleasure to sew.

  •  Heart of the Home - not too old of a UFO - I finished piecing the top about a year ago I guess.  

A few others, very low on the list of UFO's:

Some English Paper Piecing

A couple of kits - a Christmas table runner, and a tote bag

Another tote bag

And lastly, several assorted jelly rolls and charm packs - no specific plans for them, yet. 


  1. If you haven't cut the fabric, it's not a WIP. (Intended projects don't count).

    For the tea cups: a set of placemats and a table runner/topper thing.

    1. Ah - good idea - - I could make mug mats out of the smaller tea cup blocks.

      I believe (and hereby declare to be a universal truth!) that uncut fabric is a PIG: project in grocery sack, and a first cousin to WIPs and ugly step-child of UFOs