Friday, December 28, 2012

UFOs, WIPs, PIGs - Part One

Black & White has been in a box since March 2010 – It’s currently 70” square, too big for a lap quilt, and too small for a bed quilt.  I really enjoyed  working on this.  When I opened the box, I realized there is about $100 of brand new fabrics – black on white, and white on black – so I have plenty.  I think I’d like to add another narrow black border, and continue to add borders until it’s a decent queen sized quilt.  Do – some designing, some piecing, then sandwich, quilt, and bind.  Lots of work to do here!

Bookmarks I have 21 of them completed, and 10 to finish
These should be pretty quick.  But what to do with them?  I’ve been carrying these around December 2009!  There is a community literacy centre, where one of my colleagues does public legal education presentations.  I’ll send these with her for the clients at this agency

Plaid Obsession I have been obsessed with this quilt ever since I first saw it in the header of JulieKQuilts. I have been collecting plaids for a number of years now, I have a box of strings, I’ve copied the pattern from Evelyn Sloppy’s book which I borrowed from the library, and I plan to paper piece the blocks. 

Technically, I would have to say that this is not a UFO, but more on the side of PIG.  But I declare, it counts.
I stole the photo above from Mary at Hill Country Quilter (with her kind permission, of course).  I love it.  I want to do one with lots of reds in it.  I’d like to do a second one with all pastel coloured plaids too.  Loooove the idea of all that mindless sewing!

Shirt Stripe Boxes I started this quilt – the 2nd time making this quilt, having finished the first in April 2010 – in November 2011. This one will be 50% bigger than the first quilt. The blocks are done, and I’ve pieced one of six strips.  So – finish piecing, piece the back, sandwich, quilt, bind.
Here’s a photo of my first Shirt Strip boxes.


Oh! My Stars! I don’t remember when I started this – a couple of years ago anyway.  This looks like it could be a good “leader & ender” project to get the blocks and flying geese pieced.  I have 10 blocks done, of 64, and 0 of 184 Flying Geese units.  I will use recycled shirts for this, plaids and shirtings.  I’ve got a pale purple on white shirting that would be a great fit for this!  The pattern was in Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine, Jan/Feb 1998.  This is a long term project.

Bunny Hill Basket of the Month This was a free BOM from Bunny Hill Designs.  You can buy the pattern nowIt started in January 2009, but I only completed 4 blocks.  I did have the foresight to print off all the patterns, and even printed the templates onto freezer paper!  Some pretty relaxing handwork here.  I think I got rid of all of my embroidery floss when we moved - - so I will have to make some purchases here to finish it off.  Finish the blocks, design a layout, piece, sandwich, and quilt - - I might even want to hand quilt it! and bind.

Simply Christmas Again – not started – it’s a PIG.  But the pattern was probably $20, the Layer Cake I bought to piece it was $42, and the Misty Fuse was $12.  That’s a pretty big investment to sit on a shelf.  Yes, we don’t “do” Christmas – but it could be a nice gift for someone, or maybe a silent auction item for some good cause.  Appliqué, piece, sandwich, quilt, bind.

Christmas Lights – a Quiltville Mystery The blocks are completed.  However, I don’t have the pattern to finish this – ugh!  I’ll look at the library and see if they have the Sept/Oct, and Nov/Dec ’09 issues of Quiltmaker Magazine!
I started this in June of 2009.  I don’t have any Christmas print fabrics in my stash, but I’m sure I can find something to finish it off.

Colonial Ladies I have six blocks done, and another six to go.  The pieces are vintage that I bought at a thrift store a number of years ago.  I don’t know if this is going on the UFO list - - I currently have no desire to work on this at all.  I’m not ready to get rid of them though, so they are in the keeper pile.

Cottage Basket Table Runner Appliqué, sandwich, quilt, bind.  I bought this as a kit at a quilt show in April 2010.  The pattern came from this book:

Baltimore Folk Fusion I increased the pattern by 200%, and started making these blocks with reproductions CWs.  I have four blocks done.   Appliqué, piece, sandwich, quilt, bind.  Not sure where my pattern book is though!  I’m sure I’m going to find it as I go through the stash.

Grandmother’s Flower Garden I’ve been working on this since May of 2012.  I now have 101 blocks finished.  I have a couple more to piece, as you can see - - but I don’t know what I’m going to do to finish the quilt.  I know hexies are HUGE right now.  I’m sure I’ll find some inspiration on the world wide web. By the way – the best hexie tutorial ever?  Right here 

Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler I started this in September 2007 when this was a BOW project.  The pattern has now been published in a book - - which I have seen in the public library.  I have 68 of the 140 blocks done.  I don’t intend to do all of the blocks at this point.  But perhaps I will have to piece a few more blocks to have enough to piece together a decent sized quilt.  Maybe another 4?  Or 12?  I’ll have to design a block setting, piece it, sandwich, quilt, and bind.  I’ll check out the book for some design inspiration.

The quilt represents the quilt that was created in Jennifer Chiaverini’s Elm Creek Quilters novel “The Master Quilter”.  I’ve read all but one of Jennifer’s books – and I’m excited to see a new one is coming out next month!  “Mrs. Lincoln’s Dressmaker” 
Siggie Swap Blocks I don’t know how many I have here - - probably 100?  These siggies are based on the Dear Jane D-13Field of Dreams block.  I need to trim these up to size, design some sort of setting, piece, sandwich, quilt, and bind.  After I do a count, I’ll see if I need to swap any more.

Dear Jane We all know this quilt. Check out the pinterest board. I have 150 of the 225 blocks – I think it`s 225!  Most of the squares are done – it`s the kites and tris that are lagging.  This is a long term project.  I will need to find the software – I don`t have the computer that I had software installed on.  I have lots of pink and grey CW repros.  I am thinking that the best way to finish this is to challenge myself to a block a week.  Hmmm...I`ll have to find my DJ rulers too!

Buttons & Bows I started this in Feb `09.  I have a bit more of the embroidery done than is shown in the photo.  So – embroidery, embellishment, piece, sandwich, quilt, bind.  It`s not terribly large, but would make a very big wall hanging.  Some fun handwork to do here. It comes from a back issue of an Australian quilting magazine.

Cross Stitch pillows I bought two pieces of cross stitch on linen at yard sales in `09.  I would like to piece some pillows with them, and I have a box of Thimbleberries type fabrics that I`ve set aside to do this, and should be a nice fit with the colours in the stitchery, but that`s about as far as I`ve gotten.  Design, piece, maybe quilt, and finish.

Desired Quilt I started this quilt in Dec '09.  The pattern came from Piece & Quilt.  I have to finish the appliqué  blanket stitch around the pieces, sandwich, quilt, and bind.

Kimono Quilt I started this quilt in Aug '10 and have 30 blocks done, and a pretty good idea of how I want to set them. So, I have to trim them up, piece the top, sandwich, quilt and bind.  The pattern was a free download from HERE

Aunt Lizzie`s Scrap Bag - this is a fairly current UFO.  In fact it is still spread all over my ironing board and sewing table.  I've got more than half of the blocks done, but there is plenty of piecing left to do.


  1. Don't buy more embroidery threads, I have quite a collection I can part with from my mother's stash. Email me an address to send them along if you would like them.

  2. If you have random bits of fabric or blocks you could give them to another thrifty quilter , like me

  3. What fun to look through your projects and remember you working on them and blogging about them years ago!

    1. I was thinking of you while preparing these projects to blog about - - we did a couple of projects together, didn't we! I bet you actually finished your Virginia Bound though, didn't you? LOL!

  4. can you imagine is we all were honest and showed off our ufo's there would never be a need for another book, we could live off the inspiration from each others photos!

  5. Looks like you have plenty to keep you busy! I love Christmas lights and Bonnie does have the pattern up here scroll down the page and you can get all three parts, or whatever you need! Can't wait to see it done!