Saturday, December 22, 2012

Locked & Loaded

Itty Bitty and I headed out early this morning, and loaded up with groceries - - even got some fantastic deals on meat!  I think the grocery store was trying to get rid of perishables before they close down for Christmas - I got chicken breasts, hamburger, steaks, pork and beef roasts - all at 50% off!

As you might remember, this is our sixth year not "doing" Christmas. All that is explained HERE.  We shouldn't have to go out for days!  Actually, Hubby and I both do have to work on the 24th.  But then it's a week off for me!  Whoot!  I have creative plans!

I saw this cute little project on Pinterest, which linked to a tutorial at Stamp, Stitch & Swizzle Stix (photo below is from her blog) and I thought - HEY!  That looks fun!

I whipped up a few in just minutes using scraps.  I don't have a serger, as shown in the tutorial - so I used a quarter inch seam, and then zig-zagged the raw edges.

I'm just about done putting the binding on the mug mats I made last week.  Just 1 and a 1/2 to go!

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  1. Neat idea for the tissue holder and I love the mug rugs...must get to making some.