Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Quixotic Furoshiki

I get so excited about the smallest things.  I attended a lecture at the local psychiatric hospital today with my MSW student (who gets the great pleasure of learning from my legendary insight, wisdom and experience for two semesters!) over the noon hour today.  The speaker is a psychiatrist and researcher from the U of T, and the topic was new objectives in the treatment of major depressive disorder.  It was really interesting, and I had a lot to think about and talk about after I left.  But the most exciting thing?

I heard a real person say the word "quixotic"!!!!  Of course I recognize the word, have read the word in many books, know what it means, and even know its etymology - - but I don't remember ever hearing it spoken aloud!  I intend to use it at least weekly from here on out.

I received the January 2013 issue of "Canadian Living" yesterday, and flipping through it, took note of a fun project that uses quilting fabrics: furoshiki

"Originating from Japanese culture where it promotes caring for the environment and reducing waste' Furoshiki is the eco-friendly wrapping cloth.  Using techniques similar to origami, it can be used for gift wrapping, grocery shopping or simply as décor.  Why furoshiki?  It is reusable and multi-purpose.  Its versatility allows you to wrap almost anything regardless of its shape or size."


  1. absolutely fascinating . . . but I can't think of anyone I would want to give TWO bottles of wine to . . . LOL . . .

  2. LOVE the furoshiki video!!! In fact, I found the direct link on the web and will be sharing with others on my Newsletter, in January!

    Interesting, indeed!

    Tks a bunch!

    Rosa Robichaud

  3. Hi Nancy-Rose. I have tagged your blog. You can find the details here: http://colleenquiltstoo.blogspot.ca/2012/12/tag-im-it.html You don't have to pass it on, but you might find it fun.

    1. Wow! Thanks! I will pass it on - - I'm not sure if I KNOW 11 things about myself! :)