Thursday, July 30, 2009

Flimsy Finish - and Thrift Store Finds

I finished my Lucky Stars top yesterday. I don't have any plans for it yet - - and no one to give it to - - will probably go into my box full of finished quilt tops. (Shame on me!) Oh, and if you'll look to the bottom left, you'll notice you-know-who getting in on the shot. Such a diva!

I did a little thrifting yesterday, and today. I got some shirts for recycling, a little china iron, and some thimbles. But first - the cat.

So you're probably wondering....what's she doing NOW?!?!?! Well, Anita's blog "Bloomin' Workshop" inspired me with her July 28th post. I MUST make this quilt. The pattern is found in:
...which I was able to borrow from the local public library. How great is this quilt?!?!?! I can't wait to get started on it! I think I'll make mine a third wider, because it looks out of proportion to me - - just hope I can find enough blue striped shirts!


  1. Awe... thanks for mentioning me! I think the quilt looks a little out of proportion too and will make it more squarish. (I want to be able to picnic on it) Can't wait to see what yours is going to look like!

  2. That is just too cool! I can't wait for you to get it done.

  3. Oh yes I love that one and have started it too a couple of years ago......I think it was on my design wall before I cleaned it up!
    I got 14 shirts today at the thrift shop.....for FREE. My girlfriend runs the shop and as long as a give something made from them to charity ( QOV'S) she gives them to me........oh happy day :0).
    Have you seen Kaffe's new book...."Country
    Garden Quilts"? Yummy stuff!
    Happy sewing

  4. I love your stars quilt. If you no one to give it to, I can take it off your hands :) Love to see pictures of Gibson. He looks like my Robert Redford, only younger, more like his Sundance Kid days. Karen

  5. I also love your stars quilt. Pick me to give it to, please! Just joking around, Nancy.

    Joyce B., USA

  6. How do you do it, Nancy? I'm still working on Pick and Choose. Your star quilt looks great, and that striped squares quilt is really neat. I look forward to seeing what you make, as always.