Sunday, July 5, 2009

Yard Sale Report: July 4th

Plans changed - - I can't even begin to explain WHY!!! - - so Sailor Boy flew out this morning, which meant I could go yard sale-ing yesterday. I travelled by myself to Parkhill, where they had a town-wide yard sale. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It's a pretty little place, and the weather was superior! Perfect for yard sale-ing : sunny, gentle breeze, and right around 20°C. Here's some photos of a few of my finds.

First, take notice of the fabric in the back ground. I thought they were vintage pillowcases, but they are actually new, Ralph Lauren, 100% cotton. Lots of good fabric there!

Please tell me I'm not the only one that remembers reading about Angus. I found these two hardcover books. I don't know why - but recently I've developed a Scottie thing - - I don't want, can't have, never had a Scottie - - last week it was a pin, and before that, a door stop, a drinking glass (with Angus on it!), and a few brass figurines.

Though difficult to see, there is a spool shaped box with a little tailor mouse perched on top, a tiny brass iron, a cat figure, and a pewter iron.

This toy sewing machine has never been out of the box. I don't have anywhere to put it, so it will likely be going to "Christmas Care" this autumn - - hopefully it will go to some little girl with an interest in trying sewing. But, with my passion for all things "Singer", I bought first, thought second.

I'm in serious like with this old shopping basket. I think it will be handy to keep in the car for shopping trips to the grocery stores, where as of the 1st of June, you now must pay 5¢. I picked up a whole bunch of men's neckties as well. I have a Rubbermaid tote full of ties already. I've been collecting them to give to my grandmother who wants to make a quilt with ties like one she saw at a quilt show last year.

I spied this grubby brass bed, and imediately pictured it in my mind with a doll-sized quilt on it. I now suspect that this this has become the kitten's bed. He's been seen sleeping in it a few times now. I guess I had better hurry up and make him a kitty quilt!

For now....he's just going to sleep on the ties in my shopping basket!

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  1. What awesome finds! I have always had a thing for Scotties, although I've never owned one either. I wonder if I'm remembering the Angus books in some way. They look so familiar. The pewter iron reminds me of the Monopoly tokens. Love the brass bed, cat figurine and sweet mouse figure. The toy sewing machine is a keeper! Boy, I'm really impressed with your selective skills!