Friday, July 31, 2009

What's on my Wall?

I started piecing the Kaffe Fassett's Shirt-Stripe Boxes quilt last night. I'll have to do some math here - - the pattern calls for twenty 9" blocks, fifty-three 6" blocks, and one hundred thirty 3" blocks. I was able to get 4, 3, and 9 respectively, out of one shirt. (I know there's only 8 three inch blocks there - but I did a major boo-boo trimming one down, so it's in the scrap bucket now.) Of course, I reserved the back of the shirt to piece the quilt backing. I wonder how many shirts I'm going to need?

Here are the HST's from Lucky Stars. I decided these were not going to make a good border - - actually, it was a decision by committee (thanks QNIC GIRLZ!) I think these are going to become a doll quilt.


  1. Your HST's look good. Oh that shrit stripe quilt, it looks great but I sure couldn't do it.

  2. I'm dizzy!!! There is great movement in those striped shirt blocks. What a cute doll quilt that will be. Not another one for Gibson so soon, is it? Does he still fit on his bed?

  3. Shirt striped your blocks. Are you going to do a tutorial on how you are using the shirts and making the blocks? ( oh pretty please :0)0)I love the 7 shirt one you did for us.......mine came out so well and I donated it to QOV.
    Happy sewing