Thursday, July 9, 2009 a little sewing

I got the 6th border on Claudia's Bedazzled Mystery Quilt. I think I'll stop there. The 7th (& final) border is just plain, and I don't have enough of the darker blue, so I'd have to opt for the lighter blue - and it looks icky.

And of course, I'm making a quilt for my kitty's brass bed.

It's sandwiched and basted. Can you believe I'm gonna hand quilt this? My kitty is going for his shots on Monday, but he still is nameless.

I got my grades for Spring Intersession. Ugh. Well, my cumulative average is still an "A" (barely) -- 81.1


  1. That's one special cat for you to be handsewing the quilts. Perhaps rick rack the kitty cat....LOL

  2. Your Bedazzled quilt is certainly dazzling! I'd love to have it in my office right now to combat the gray that is seeping in from outside. Hopefully (surely) your kitty will respect his quilt more than my puppy did his pillow, which I found in tatters and interspersed with his piles of you-know-what in the yard for a week.

  3. "Prince" the royal kitty that sleeps in a bed made of brass.
    Okay an A's an A! Remember those kids you are in school with don't have homes, families,or quilts to look after!

    Happy Sewing

  4. Your bedazzled quilt is beautiful. Hey, I like rick rack for a kitty name. I have a red cat like yours and his name is Robert Redford, Red for short. He supervises my quilting. Karen

  5. That kitty better appreciate fine handquilting! haha, so glad you are enjoying his presence! Sam xox

  6. I haven't finished my Claudia's yet either, but soon. You're looks good, and you're the one that got me started on it and now I've got the bug to finish it too.