Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pick & Choose (UPDATE)

Thanks for reminding me Kim - I forgot to mention that my "Pick & Choose" quilt went to the Quilter Man on Monday. I told him there was no rush, since it wasn't necessarily FOR anyone, or any purpose, so I don't expect it back for a while.

I had gone on a ROAD TRIP to The Marsh Store on Monday with six other quilters. Our intrepid driver was my Sister-In-Law, who has just recently been bitten by the Quilting Bug. (oh boy, she's got a baaaad case of it) We stuffed every spare square inch of her van with our purchases, having taken advantage of the 30% off everything sale. I loaded up on batting, and got fabric to back Pick & Choose.

1 comment:

  1. Oh congratulations on getting it done and sent out...maybe I have time to catch up :0)!
    I'm gonna trying to finish the top before Bonnie's next clue comes out in her mystery " Christmas Lights".

    did you give your DSIL the quilting pox?
    Yeah..the more the merrier!!!
    Happy sewing