Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hubby is having Cat Culture Shock

I don't know if I mentioned this before - - but Gibson is Hubby's first pet cat. (I've had to teach him that cats do not like to have their fur petted backwards) However, he's growing very attached to this little kitten despite his default dislike of cats. Last night, we were settling in for forty winks:

HE: Give me your hand
ME: (gives my hand)
HE: Here ... feel this.
ME: (uh oh, I know where this is heading...)

But he puts my hand on top of the slumbering form of a tiny kitten that has crawled under the blanket, and curled up against Hubby's side.

HE: What's wrong with him? He's shaking and shivering. Is he sick?
ME: No...he's purring.

I've got all thirty blocks for my Lucky Stars quilt completed on Sunday. I think I'll sew them together on the next Quilting Night In Canada - - that's right Gail! No hand quilting that old Birds in the Air quilt this time!

I've been cutting another quilt from scraps, using a pattern that I gleaned from a HUGE stack of magazines that quilty friend Roxene sent home with me last week. Thank you Roxene!!! I had so much fun!!