Thursday, July 8, 2010

The House is A'Rockin'!!!

Scenes from My Front Porch

How will I ever get across the street to Par-tay with the kids over in that red brick house!

Yes, 20 weeks of road work. It starts outside my window at 7 a.m., and ends 10 hours later.  Geeezzz....aren't these guys unionized???

See that blue hose across the sidewalk?  That's our neighbourhood's source of drinking water.  I kid you not.  A city guy came by when Itty Bitty and I were replacing the front porch steps earlier this summer, put down his tool box and knelt by the hose. I watched him for a few minutes, and then, being the curious sort, I asked him what he was doing.

HE: "We come by once a week, and test the water to make sure it's safe."

ME: "Is it safe?"

HE: "It was a week ago.  I don't know about this week yet."

Everything in me that is flirting with a greener, more ecologically aware, tree-hugging, whole living way of life evapourated as I peeled out of the driveway and floored it to the grocery store to stock up on bottled water.  Sorry planet!

About yoga: I went to my first yoga class at Serenity Now Yoga -- loved it!  I was really surprised about how well I did, and that I was much more flexible than I imagined. When it came time to do some kneeling poses, the instructor Nicole grabbed a blanket from a shelf and gave it to me to kneel on.  The floor was already padded, plus a yoga mat, then a folded up blanket - - so my knees didn't complain too much at all. I noticed a very little soreness across the collar bone areas this morning, but it's gone now; we had done a lot of shoulder work last night because many of the students had shoulder issues. (I only complained of PMS - is there a pose for that??)


  1. Yikes, roadwork from "heck"! I believe there is a yoga position for PMS...with feet slightly apart assume a comfortable stance, palms up (small baseball bat balanced between them), eyes hiss..."touch my quilting, make my day"! All kidding aside, thanks for update on yoga...will benefit many of us with aging bodies! Thank you for delightful blog!

  2. 20 weeks!?! What are they doing to your road that takes that long? And believe me, I'd have gone out to get bottled drinking water, too. Yoga, I've done that. I used to take some classes when I was in Cleveland, but I stopped because I was so embarrassed when I kept falling asleep during the "lying down on your back at the end of class to meditate" pose - I can't remember what it is called, probably because I was always sleeping when the instructor told us about it. Good for you for taking the class - I keep saying I want to get into it again. I even have some DVDs to follow. Of course, they are a bit dusty because I haven't used them in about 6 years, but I'm sure the poses haven't changed!

  3. Sorry, Nancy - when I see "Serenity now", I think if that Seinfeld episode where George's dad shouts "Serenity now" to calm himself. Wouldn't go over too well in a yoga class.


  4. not for PMS but shoulder work is not traditionally done when you are having your period........check with your yoga leader :0)
    Good on ya for getting in the yoga groove.....its a true blessing.

    Whatcha been sewing?