Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Lucy's Home!

And the first job I gave her to do was putting the binding on "Lucky Stars" - which will be the 2nd of 9 quilts I intend to finish this year.  I've put my Featherweight for the time being.

Another thing I've been tinkering around with is a quilt using these funky fabrics, for a fundraiser for the music program at Itty Bitty's school.  They are having a trip to New York City next spring, and this is meant to offset some of the expenses.

Some things never change...Gibby Kitty has taken over my chair.  He's such a helper!

Time to go find something good on TV, so I can start handstitching the binding down on Lucky Stars!!!


  1. OH! I KNOW the feeling! I begin MY wait for my machine to return and have been reduced to a "backup" machine :0)

    Been enjoying reading your blog, but just haven't commented much. I have Seven Shirts ready to hit the frame next! FINALLLLLY, right??? ;0)

  2. I love the bright colours of your lucky stars quilt. Gibson continues to supervise your projects, I see.