Thursday, July 8, 2010

Truly is a Summer of New Experiences: Got some ink today

Itty Bitty and I have been planning this for weeks - and kept our designs secret from everyone.  His is a memorial tattoo for his father who died this past Valentine's Day.  Mine is slightly more complicated, but I know what it means to me.

I think Itty Bitty is going to think long and hard before he gets any more was a pretty rough afternoon!  Though it wasn't as bad as it was for the young man who came in to the shop while we were there for nipple piercings...oh my...THAT musta HURT!!!!!  He didn't look so hot when he emerged from the back room.  I reckon that back room must be sound proofed -- YOUCH!!!!!


  1. nice tatts. Our oldest son did the piercing thing years ago. One his friends told me about it. We use to think it was funny to hug him tight. He finally figured out we knew. Pretty painful. cw

  2. All the power to you, but I must ask myself why?!? I'd much prefer hanging the art on my wall as opposed to enduring the pain.

    You go girl!!!

  3. I heard this the other night and it creased me. We were watching a cartoon made from a radio talk show and one of the characters was talking about his friend who did his own tattoos. He said the ones on his left arm were brilliant but the one's on his right arm were rubbish as he couldn't do it properly with his left hand holding the tools!!! Hope they aren't too sore.

  4. OUCH!! I "got some ink" a little while ago too. Mine came in the form of a cartridge for my printer.

  5. Awesome! I've been contemplating ink for about 15 years, but I'm afraid of the pain and of changing my mind once it is on there. My mom got one when she was 50. Maybe then I'll know...and not be such a wimp!