Sunday, July 11, 2010

How Was Your Weekend???

Friday, I did a little thrifting, and found a couple of treasures: two irons to add to my growing collection, and a vintage apron.  I couldn't resist the sewing notions print -- 60's era, you think??

Saturday morning, Hubby and I got a late start, but still went out for a little yard sale-ing.  The finds are getting fewer and fewer between as the season peters out.  I did buy three really nice houseplants for $1 each. I have dreadful luck with with living plants.  As soon as I bring one home, it gets depressed and suicidal.  But for a buck, I was willing to risk it all over again. 

Afterwards, I was pleasantly surprised by the experience of visiting the Horton Street Market, after a very long hiatus.  I used to go to the market with my mother many a Saturday morning to get farm fresh produce. It was better than I remembered, with lots of new additions, including Spicer's  and The Dutch Bakery. (I only gave these market stalls a deep and nostalgic whiff -- sticking to my weight loss plan!) and local craftspeople.  The produce vendors were selling only locally grown, seasonal, pesticide-free, and in some cases organically grown fruits and vegetables. I'm looking forward to making a visit to the market a regular weekly routine. Here's a link to market manager Tricia Herbert's blog.

Then last night?  ELTON JOHN CONCERT!!!  It was great, and I really enjoyed myself.

Today, Hubby and I went for a Sunday drive up to Lucan, to visit Lucan Architectural Salvage.  I saw an idea in a magazine to use old floor grates as outdoor door mats, so I'm looking for a couple.  No luck!  But a couple of doors down, I spied a little treasure at Mr. Haney's Market: a tiny little Beswick kitten figure, to keep my bigger Persian cat (also Beswick - paid a dime for it at a yard sale!) company.

This afternoon, I escaped to my bedroom and finished stitching down the binding on Lucky Stars.

It's been a good weekend for me! 
How was your weekend?


  1. Isn't the market just great??!! Jake and I go every week and stock up on yummy stuff. I even bought some homemade soap again on Saturday...I was almost out of mine and it's such great soap. We always get turkey products...their burgers are delicious! We enjoyed one tonight.

    Found a Magnetic Quilt at a yard sale for a couple of bucks on Saturday...what fun to design quilts with little colourful triangles on a magnetic board. And found a little Singer needlebook and a few books. Church today and a birthday party for son and daughter in law, visit to Valleyview and a walk tonight...yup, a good weekend! AND, I almost have a quilt top finished and ready for Heather :-)

  2. I had a great weekend Nancy-Rose, love your quilt it is so pretty.

  3. Don and I were at the market on Saturday too. We bought some corn on the cob which was delicious! Also, beans, raspberries, blueberries and beets--very fresh! I am looking forward to the meals made with my purchases. Your lucky stars quilt looks great--nice bright colours. See you soon. Gail

  4. Looks like a great weekend. Lucky stars is so pretty, great to have a finish.

  5. Oh, that quilt is just the sweetest thing! Love it!

    ~ Ronda

  6. "I have dreadful luck with with living plants. As soon as I bring one home, it gets depressed and suicidal."

    I see your houseplants, and raise you goldfish. For things that are supposed to live 50 years, I have to say either mine give up on life early or I only get hold of the 49 and a half year old ones. I am probably lucky the dog hasn't gone out and tried to play in traffic as well...