Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Itty Bitty Says It's Time to Update My Blog...

...what can I say?  It's been busy around here.

I made this bag tonight.  I need to stitch the top edge down, and maybe add some buttons to it, but it was fast and fun.  I used charm squares from the last package I received from Benartex -- the collection is  Wordplay by Michele D'Amore.

The pattern I based it on is called Scrappy Sack from http://www.thisandthatpatterns.com/ .  I left off the zipper and the applique, but since it only takes 21 charm squares, I can see making this one again.  It's only 8" x 12" -- good size for a lunch bag, or a bag to hold your take along hand sewing projects.

Sailor Boy arrived home on Sunday evening.  After I write my final exams (one on Monday, the second on Tuesday afternoon) our plan is to drive him back out to Halifax.  We'll just sort of take our time, and take in some sights.  I'm looking forward to getting away.

I saw something REALLY neat recently - - you use pieces of a 3/4" metal measuring tape in the folded edge of the top of a bag and this will snap the bag open and closed.  Oh, I know I'm not explaining it right - - but it's on my list to give this a try, and see how it works out!


  1. Oh to have the time off, I'd sneak in your luggage and go with you to Halifax.

  2. the measuring tape bag thing is on my TO-DO list. had a gal tell me she bought her tapes at the dollar store for a buck for 16'. I am supose to do a class on them but havn't tried it yet. must work, I am seeing them everywhere!
    travel safely with the kiddo- cw

  3. nice bag. I too have had a tape measure sitting in my notions drawer for over 2 years. I actually brought it to the cottage this summer hoping to finally get one done.
    Have a great trip East.

  4. Darling bag! We love those snap tops...will look forward to an update when you try it! Perhaps some of us will bravely follow! ;-)