Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What's Inspiring Me This Week

Here are a few pages that I've recently torn out of magazines to inspire me (and maybe you too?)

First up, a vintage tin bread box turned into storage for needlework supplies.  I really enjoy looking at this picture, because I'm a sucker for vintage sewing notions, but the inspiration I have drawn from this is to use a different perspective when analyzing vintage items.  Instead of thinking about how I can conserve something, I want to be able to think of practical ways I can make my vintage treasures a part of my everyday life.

I'm inspired to create a similar quilt and perhaps cushions as well from repurposed shirts and white cotton sheets.  I've already begun making simple four patches as a 'leader-ender' project.

Oh...to have a pink or purple Featherweight!  I don't think this kind of a renovation will be within my means...like, ever!...but another reminder that I could try to challenge my reluctance to make alterations to what I see as valuable vintage collectibles.  I should remember that their 'value' is determined by what the item means to me, and not determined by any other measure, by anyone else, and that by making permanent changes to an item, I am increasing it's value to me.

Besides, it's worth a visit to http://www.deskdave.com/ to see the red with white polka dots Featherweight!

I've been looking everywhere for grates like this one.  I have three exterior doorways that could use a doormat like this. No big hurry...just something to keep my eye open for.

Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.  It's got me thinking about my Sailor Boy who is posted in Halifax.  He's coming home for a short vacation this weekend (though he hasn't confirmed the details with us yet) and we are seriously thinking about taking a few days and driving him back to Halifax. I've never seen houses painted like these around these parts, and I'm excited by the prospect of all the other things that I'll be seeing for the first time!  One is never too old for new experiences, is one?


  1. You should definitely see Lunenburg and the South Shore. It is better in real-life. Perhaps the fog will be gone when you get here, it is hugging the shore now, the sea-gulls are walking it is so thick!

  2. You are never too old for new experiences, it depends on how receptive your mind is that makes it exciting. Go with it. My friend Wendy at http://wendyswistfulquilts.blogspot.com/
    has been picking up old sewing machines at car boot sales for very cheap money so maybe an old featherweight is out there just waiting.