Thursday, August 5, 2010

I think I threw out my Hot Glue gun

I believe in my excitement to unburden myself of stuff, I tossed my hot glue gun.  And wouldn't you know it?  I could use it right now.

I saw some adorable little pin cushions while we were on our vacation, but decided I could probably make one myself.

stupid insists on focusing on the cat's fur, and NOT the pin cushion

And I did create a pretty credible imitation, but the stem of the flower is a golf tee, which is meant to be poked into the hole of a spool of thread.  I found the golf tees (not to mention $3.14, and one American dime) in Hubby's golf bag in the basement this morning, but not the glue gun to attach them to the flower.

Gibby Kitty has picked up a rather bad habit.  He begins meowing Réveille at obscene hours of the morning (today it started at 5) and does not let up for HOURS! I wish he'd get laryngitis.


  1. I have a golf tee pin cushion, too! Yours is lovely! And how could you throw out your hot glue gun - they are so handy! Maybe it'll turn up somewhere. And no wishing illnesses on unsuspecting pets - that has to be a precursor to animal cruelty behavior. Think of all the joy and excitement and laughter he brings into your life. He just wanted you to get up and let the fun begin!

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