Sunday, August 8, 2010

Some quilty other junk

Seems I haven't given a Simple Abundance Project update for awhile.  First - I don't think there is much more I can get rid of, for at least a little while.  The house has been gone through, and anything that doesn't contribute to my ideal life has been eliminated.

There's still projects underway, and plans for future projects--most importantly--removing all the carpeting in the house and replacing it with bamboo hardwood flooring.

At last reckoning, I've lost 14 lbs.  Two people commented this past week that they can see that I've lost weight in my face.  Okay...wasn't going for head shrinking, but's a start! 

I went yard sale-ing yesterday morning and picked up this:

I'm pretty pleased with this tower of drawers - - I will tuck it into a corner, and load it up with precut kits and UFO's that are scattered in different places in my sewing studio.  That will certainly pare down the cluttered look!  I only paid $6 for all 3 three-drawer units, and they do stack one on top of the other.

I picked up the October 2010 issue of "American Patchwork & Quilting" last night, because I am in love with the cover quilt, which mimics the look of an old-time-y crocheted granny square afghan:

Granny Squares by Lissa Alexander

Not one to purchase a whole magazine for just one pattern, I'm itching to begin constructing these two as well:

Apple Crisp by Jan Ragaller

Plaid Tidings by Kathie Holland
The paper foundation piecing PDF for the square-in-a-square sub-blocks are downloadable from - very cool!  And this quilt looks soooo repurposed shirt friendly!


  1. I have that magazine and was admiring the plaid tidings as well. I hope this doesn't discourage you, but I have 2 of those plastic storage units and stacked them as well. Mine were a little wider than yours and maybe that was why I had problems... However the weight seemed to be too much for the bottom unit and it was difficult to open the top drawer..hope you fare better than I did.

  2. Definitely a re-purposed shirt friendly quilt there in Plaid Tidings. But that cover quilt - oooohhhhh! I want one!

  3. I have the magazine also and thought of you and you seven shirt quilt while looking at this quilt. It oould seriously be made with repurposed shirts. I also love the cover quilt and ordered some honeybuns on sale to make this quilt. Love the look of it. I have tried finding your email to ask for permission to teach your seven shirt quilt at our guild next year. You did a great job with this tutorial and the quilt, but I would not want to share with out your permission.