Tuesday, August 24, 2010

just puttering around...

20 Days until the next semester begins.  GACK!!!!

In the meantime, I've just been puttering around.  Reading a little, making some stabs at that bedroom that needs painting (today I washed the walls, with the help of Itty Bitty), had a meeting last night at school to plan the 3rd Year student orientation event, running errands.

In the quilt realm:

1.Pieced together the 36 Candy Kisses blocks.  It's cute.  I'd like to put a creamy shade of Minkee on the back to make a very pretty baby blanket.

2. Put the border on the Jelly Roll 9-patch quilt I whipped up last week.

3. Pin basted the School of Rock quilt, all ready to quilt on my Janome.

Gotta show you this quilt made from repurposed shirts.  I visited Zany Quilter for the first time today - - you might as well just add this link to you favourites: http://zanyquilter.blogspot.com/ 'cuz it's a very cool blog!

Cara of Cara Quilts recently reviewed "Alice's Tulips" by Sandra Dallas; I book I enjoyed too.  So, I took a look at some of this author's other titles when I was at the library on Friday, and am now deeply into:

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