Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I'm a bad blogger...

Both Itty Bitty and my mom have scolded me for not updating, so prepare for a big post.

I don't know what it is I've been doing that's made me so busy...I certainly haven't accomplished very much!  I did finish a baby quilt, and presented it at a baby shower I attended on Sunday, but I didn't get a photo.  Can you believe that???

I've been working on quilting the School of Rock quilt:

I'm down 21 pounds. I checked my measurements last week, and the weight seems to be coming off my lower abdomen (my hip measurement was down 5.5") - - couldn't be better!

Yesterday, Value Village had their 50% off everything sale, and I went a little crazy.  I definitely needed some office wear for my practicum placement (which I hope! hope! hope! will be in a law office - I interview tomorrow morning) but I don't want to spend a ton, because I expect to lose more weight.  For around $70, I got two dresses, three skirts, two suits (jacket & skirt) four blouses, slacks, a light sweater, a t-shirt and a nightgown.

The public library has a vendor's booth at the Horton Street Market on Saturday mornings, and I recently picked up 5 magazines for $1. Here's a few things I discovered in those magazines that have been inspiring me:

I have been looking for a watch like one of these for weeks.  I love the idea of a charm bracelet, and I look in every jewellery store I see, but nothing like these.  So far, I've only found silver with STUPID juevenile charms (purses, shoes, etc.).  The websites listed in the magazine included:
https://www.chickspicksbyhillary.com/ which is worth a look, it's very inspiring (however, watch is not available).  I guess I'll keep looking.

A couple of recipes that I'd like to try:

The economy being what it is...I noticed lots of money related articles,

Since Itty Bitty will be going off to post-secondary school in one short year, the first sentence caught my eye:

"These days there's an element of sticker shock when you add up the costs of higher learning – a four-year degree for a student living away from home currently costs $77,000." 

The tip I liked in this article was about automated savings, whereby money is automatically put into a savings account each time you use your debit card.  I've been a TD Canada Trust customer for my entire adult life, and had no idea they offered this program.  It's called Simply Save. I think I'll sign up!

The important link here is Smart Cookies. There are lots of very interesting, and not the least bit scary tools and downloads for getting a handle on your money.

Frozen lemons instead of ice cubes!  Yum!  I'll just have to add lemons to the grocery list.  I've been drinking TONS of water (at least 2 litres daily!) to help with the weight loss.  Adding frozen lemons will be a special little treat.

Truth is, I'll probably never make one of these kits - but they are cute!  And you can download the stickers.

Loved this tear out folder from Sico. A very simple to copy idea for collecting and storing ideas, fabric swatches, photos, paint chips, etc.  for decorating.

And lastly, I wanted to share this article from Orderly Lives

Simplify Your Life
A common theme in many books on organization is
the virtue of simplification. “Simplify your life-that's the key to organization”. But what does that mean? We all know that our lives are too hurried, too complex, and too full of clutter-both physical and emotional. But most of us cannot opt out, retreat to a desert isle and leave our cares behind. We want to honor our responsibilities yet feel overwhelmed by the process.

The benefits of simplification can be found by exploring different worlds. In 1995, for example,
North Americans enthusiastically rediscovered the
world of Jane Austen. Why are Austen's characters so
fascinating to us? Globe and Mail columnist Margaret
Wente offers this explanation: “They believe in restraint, decorum, civility, character and large, closeknit families. They marry for the love, but even more for respect. They are cheerful, pragmatic optimists.”

Austen's world portrays life with a sense of order.
We might think it is stifling by our standards but it is
none the less neat, orderly and predictable. Very similar, in fact to the world inhabited by the Amish in Sue Bender's excellent book Plain and Simple.
Bender describes her sojourns with two Amish families and one of the valuable lessons she learns: “To my surprise, keeping my attention steady and confined to a few activities built a whole new discipline. A single-minded focus - repetition, order, an inspired monotony -- wasn't wasteful and didn't limit me: the structure brought a different kind of freedom … I found no shortcuts. Satisfaction came from giving up wishing I was doing something else.”

The notion of simplifying one's life must come from the discipline to do only what really matters and to embrace mindfulness. It is only when we try to live in the moment, as the Amish do, that we may find the inner peace that can transcend itself to all aspects of our lives including our homes and workplaces.
We may never replicate Austen's orderly universe but we can incorporate its virtues into our hurried lives.


  1. Yay to mom and Itty Bitty for keeping you on track - we like to hear from you, too! Congrats on the weight loss. Love the frozen lemons idea. Shame on you for not taking a photo of the baby quilt!

  2. The spaghetti squash looks yummy. Well done to you for losing all that weight. No mean feat. Keep up the good work. There is always soamething interesting to read on your blog. Good luck with the interview. Hope you get the placement you want.

  3. Way to go on the weight loss! Let me know about your placement!

  4. Zappos.com has two of the Badgley Mischka watches for $254 with free shipping. Or perhaps Santa has some in his bag! Congratulations on the weight loss - wish it were me.

  5. Great job on the weight loss! I'm glad you posted...I always enjoy what you share!

  6. WOW! That was quite a post!

    Lots of good information.

  7. Congrats on the weight loss! And for someone who's been out of the blogging loop for awhile, I think you made up for it all in one post! Keep up the great work!

  8. that was a huge post!

    congrats on the weight loss....any tips to share?
    I keep finding it not losing it!

    Happy sewing