Saturday, August 14, 2010

...a weird week

While ordinarily I relish and revel in every opportunity to complain-- the longer and louder the better I always say! -- I hate to say this: it's been a weird week.

It has lasted exactly 14 hours.  That must be the truth of it, because I can't believe that a week has passed by so quickly. Where are the brakes on this crazy time machine?!?!?!?  I'm not ready for another school year yet!!!!

ughhhhhhh...four more weeks until I embark on the final year of my undergrad degree. Can you believe it?  Doesn't it seem like just yesterday I was just beginning my FIRST year??

Very unsettling.  And plain weird.

Anyhoooooo....Hubby and I went out yard sale-ing bright and early this morning, despite the fact that I was still wide-eyed at 3 in the morning reading a completely engrossing trashy novel. 

Born to rough cloth in working-class London in 1748, Mary Saunders hungers for linen and lace. Her lust for a shiny red ribbon leads her to a life of prostitution at a young age, where she encounters a freedom unknown to virtuous young women. But a dangerous misstep sends her fleeing to Monmouth and the refuge of the middle-class household of Mrs. Jones, to become the seamstress her mother always expected her to be and to live the ordinary life of an ordinary girl. Although Mary becomes a close confidante of Mrs. Jones, her desire for a better life leads her back to prostitution. She remains true only to the three rules she learned on the streets of London: Never give up your liberty; Clothes make the woman; Clothes are the greatest lie ever told. In the end, it is clothes, their splendor and their deception, that lead Mary to disaster.

Emma Donoghue's daring, sensually charged prose casts a new sheen on the squalor and glamour of eighteenth-century England. Accurate, masterfully written, and infused with themes that still bedevil us today, Slammerkin is historical fiction for all readers.

We didn't find too many treasures; I picked up four quilting books for 25¢ a piece: A Thimbleberries Housewarming, Santa's Coming by Art to Heart, Fat Quarters are Beautiful, and Finish It with Alex Anderson, plus a shirt that will be repurposed for 50¢.

All the excitement seemed to be at the Horton Street Market this morning!  We couldn't walk 10 feet without tripping over someone we knew, if indeed were not related to!  -- even both of our mothers!  I got some more peaches from the same farmer I bought from last week.  They were so deliciously sweet and juicy, Itty Bitty and I had to sit on the porch to eat because of the drippiness of them.


  1. Gotta LOVE those peaches that are SOOOO drippy that you have to sit on the porch!

  2. I agree, time is going too quickly. I have this week off, and I hope it positively C-R-A-W-L-S by!