Monday, August 9, 2010

What's on the Wall NOW?

While transferring stuff from hidey holes here and there to my yard sale find tower of drawers, I fell upon a pattern that I had printed off some time ago - - that I was sooooo keen to recreate that I had already printed off the paper foundation piecing patterns and had been collecting fabrics for several years.

So, I thought...what the heck! No time like the present! I'm seeing less and less Asian inspired fabrics in the fabric stores, so I believe I'm jumping on this trend just as it's petering out.

The patterns was a free download from In The Beginning Fabrics -- and there's lots of designs there, so take a look if you have the time. 

Now, the measurements for some of the pieces are incorrect.  It would be best to draft it out for yourself . Foundation A & B need to be 5.5" long x 2" wide. Also, I increased the width of the C and F rectangles, just to give a little wiggle room for error, and will square the blocks up to 12.5" later.

I asked Itty Bitty and Hubby, at separate times, to come have a look at the blocks on my design wall, and neither one of them could identify them as kimonos.  Am I deluding myself?  I think they look a LOT like kimonos!  UGH!

Anyway, I'm having a lot of fun making the blocks.  It's a lot like making little doll clothes!  I'm enjoying choosing the coordinating fabrics for each kimono, and perhaps doing a little fussy cutting to make sure the stripes are perfect, or the crane is centred just so.  They go together pretty fast too, because of the big pieces!  (The centre rectangle of the kimono is 5.5" x 10").

I must get a move on here...I've got an appointment to get my hair coloured this morning.  I've put it off, and put it off, because I wanted to do some research about the safety of hair colour, and effects of the chemicals in the different brands of products.  I've been colouring my hair for YEARS - I've been greying since I was 19, and I've got to be a good 70% white now, judging by my scary roots.  I've been contemplating going natural -- which idealistically would be better aligned with the new ideas I'm eager to embrace about living an authentic life of simple abundance.  But I'm just THAT vain! 

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  1. Like you Nancy-Rose I too went grey at a very young age. I stopped dyeing my hair because of the cost and let it go natural. At 51 my hair is white, but, I love it. It is different and in better condition than it was in my thirties so I say go for it. I found I could wear lots more brighter colours too. The Kimono's definitely look like kimono's to me. What do the menfolk know anyway?!!!
    Love Shirley.