Thursday, August 5, 2010


The "Bathroom Renovation from Hell" is finally complete, so it's time to move on to the next home project.

Now, we are going to remove all the carpet in our house, and replace it with bamboo hardwood flooring.  Even though our dear old house is 97 years old now, and one would expect there to be hardwood floors beneath the wall-to-wall, crying out to be restored, not so!  Instead, we have old painted pine floors.

This morning, Itty Bitty and I removed the furniture from Sailor Boy's old room, tore out the carpet, pulled up the tack strip, and are now set to commence the painting part of the re-do.  It might take me three weeks to pick out a colour... 

...and another three weeks just to paint the radiator!

Incidently, Gibby Kitty is completely worn out, and is sleeping on top of my cutting mat.  I just 'meowed' at him, and he gave me the most disgusted and condescending glare before slamming his eyes shut again.


  1. I love painted pine floors. You can stencil a favorite quilt pattern and change the colors when you get in the mood for someting new. I like the way they walk and sound and clean up too. I hope you change your mind and clean them up (at least one) they look so good with an area run.

  2. I am definately a fan of painted floors. They are easy to clean and very inexpensive to "change the look".

  3. those pine floors are beautiful refinished....honestly don't rip them out before you experiment with at least one room.
    I think you'll be amazed at how incredible they look!
    Also another hint.....even though you did not ask.....floors before walls when redoing...the dirt and dust from redoing the floors clings to the new paint. Ask me how I know :0(.
    but there are tons of web sites to visit on this very subject.

    Congrats on getting the energy up to do these tough projects!

    Happy Sewing

  4. When do we see the new bathroom!!!! You can't talk about it for months and then just go on your merry way! Not fair....