Wednesday, June 17, 2009

All About School....

Since I'm new to blogger, and I've been "meeting" new people here, I thought I'd share my education plan(s) since I brought up the Stats course yesterday.

Plan A. By mid-August, I will have completed 2 full years of university studies in a 15 month time span - a fact I'm pretty proud of.... I've applied to the Honours Bachelor of Social Work for THIS Sept., but I won't know if I'll be offered admission until after my summer school marks are adjudicated. It will take a full 2 years to complete the program if I'm admitted this Sept.

Plan B. Even though the Social Work Program Admissions Coordinator has told me that I'm a very strong candidate for admission this year, I'm a little worried that I won't make the cut - - I'm freaking out about an exam I'm writing this coming Monday. If I don't get accepted this year, I'll complete a B.A. in Religious Studies by next Spring, and re-apply for BSW program admission in Sept '10.

...on to quilty stuff

I'm sooooooooooooooo bummed. I had signed up for a workshop this weekend, and it's been cancelled! Hubby told me tonight in the produce aisle at the grocery store that the quilt store called yesterday and left a message on our voice mail.

HE: I told you last night
ME: no, you didn't
HE: yes, I did
ME: no, you didn't

HE: ye-e-e-ssss, I did
ME: (on the verge of a serious temper tantrum) NO-O-O-O YOU DIDN'T!!!
STRANGER: (to hubby) um...I don't think you did
ME: (to sympathetic stranger) DAMN RIGHT HE DIDN'T!!!

I'm really disappointed! I had booked this workshop as my own little personal "reward" for getting through Spring intersession. (sigh)


  1. Oh that is a bummer that you the workshop was cancelled. Maybe stay home and get some quilting done or go with a friend to lunch and the quilt shop? Sounds fun to me, not like the workshop but it would work.

  2. Oh Nancy...I AM sorry that the quilt workshop didn't work out, but....

    I'm fighting back some giggle-tears right now, because the imagery you created is"real"! I can just picture it......

  3. Sorry your workshop was cancelled but I'm sure you will find something interesting to do like maybe go bargain treasure hunting???
    Congratulations on your classes and have a great week-end!