Friday, June 26, 2009

Why am I so dang TIRED!!!

I have ten more days of holidays, and I've done NOTHING. I am a slug!

I 'almost' feel like I should go out and pick up a few groceries...but that would involve putting clothes on!

I do have some news though. A very official looking certificate with a big gold seal arrived in the mail yesterday from school - - stating that I was on the Dean's Honour Roll, and notification that I qualified for a $1000 scholarship for next year. That's exciting!

Back to sewing Pick & Choose. The pieced sashing is sewn, pressed and cut, ready to be applied. The pieced border is all set to start sewing, piled next to my machine.


  1. Wow....a scholarship is always a good thing! I personally see no problem with slug days....occasionally I indulge in the practice....maybe we should call them "mental health days". :) Your body must be needed rest and inactivity to regenerate for your next go-round in school!

  2. Congratulations on the scholarship and Dean's Honor roll! I guess you didn't do as poorly on that last exam as you thought!

    I see you have whizzed by me in the Pick and Choose quilt construction. Oh well. I look forward to seeing the whole thing together. Are you going to quilt it right away? Do you have any idea how you are going to quilt it?

    And hey, a couple of days of slug-like behavior is a good thing, especially when you are as busy as you normally are. You need time to recharge. Don't feel guilty - enjoy! (I know, easier said than done - my hasband is always giving me a hard time about my inability to just sit still and relax.)

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!! A scholarship and recognition. I think you deserve a slug day. Enjoy it. Lane

  4. Congratulatons Nancy! That is something to be very proud of. All your hard work has obviously been recognised, and a scholarship tops it off!

    Post some pictures of your pick and choose quilt when you get a chance.

    Sam xox