Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I like Chi!

Chi Squared, that is. I'm really enjoying Statistics - - it's just like doing puzzles!
Spring intersession is just about over. Four more lectures, one assignment, and two exams. Looking forward to a rest soon though.


  1. I am glad you understand it. My brain is just not mathematical. Glad you will be done soon.

  2. Wowsers... you already have 21 followers. YOU ROCK!!!!

  3. I'm impressed. I have two degrees, but when I took stats, I dropped it after two weeks.

  4. Nancy, I had to take a stats class two years ago. I thought it was fun as well. Everybody told me I'd hate it, but I secretly enjoyed the challenge. Have fun. lane

  5. When you get your PhD you can use statistics as your foreign language. At least here in the states :0). It is indeed a foreign language to me! I wish we were taught to love math at an early age and everyone would have enjoyed it more.
    Your gonna love all your free time when it comes huh?
    Happy Sewing

  6. NOW you're speaking my language :0) However, I must admit that I haven't had a stats class in a few years, nor have I needed to teach any "advanced" stats class, so all the different stats tests are jumbled in my mind.
    So what are your plans with these classes? Going for a degree?