Saturday, June 27, 2009

Yard Sale Report

I didn't find too many treasures today, but a couple of goodies. I think my favourites are the the vintage pillow case, the pewter compact, the silver Scottish thistle pin (I should have given this to you Carol!) and the bag of handstitched quilt blocks. I love the print in the top block - it has musical notes, clocks and flowers. Cute!

I also got some books, a box that had 14 bobbins that will fit my Singer Featherweight, and a garden ornament of a sleeping cherub.


  1. That thistle pin is right up my alley. Better to adron the thistles in jewellery tha on my lawn...LOL

  2. Okay, I honesty can't spell, I suppose. I'm sure you got the point though.

  3. Happy Canada Day and thank you for the beautiful photos of quilts:-) Our guild had a booth at the local Canada Day Festivities in Ladner this morning (right beside the Lion's Pancake Breakfast) and it was fun. Can't wait to make a 7 shirt quilt.