Sunday, June 7, 2009

Just settling in...

Technical difficulties have taken over at my last blog host, so I've decided to move here: my new home on Blogger!

I got a really nice squishy in the mail this week from my favourite Maritimer: Rosa!

These Civil War repro's are going to be used in my Dear Jane quilt - - which has sort of been on the back burner for a bit. I think I have 19 more blocks to make, and about 2/3's of the triangles. I hope I can get some time soon to cut into these beautiful fabrics that Rosa sent me - Thank you so much Rosa!

On the "Thrifty News" end of things - I've picked up quite a few quilty bargains this week. I went to the St. Anne's Fair on Friday to scrounge through the White Elephant tent and found two ziploc bags with fabric in them. Each had a label from "Keepsake Quilting". They are all Native themed prints.

I also got about 6 or 8 vintage hankies, lightbulbs, some martini glasses for a friend, and a few other doo-dads. I filled a small cardboard box, and paid $2 for it all.

Monday, the local Sally Ann has a $5 a bag sale. I filled a bag with cotton clothing, including a Laura Ashley dress with a HUGE skirt - - just imagine how much fabric is in the great big butt bow alone!


  1. Yay! Glad to see you up and running on Blogspot. :o)

  2. WELCOME to blogdom ... so glad you moved over here as I could never access that site.

  3. Welcome back!
    I missed you :0)

    Happy sewing, and good luck with those exams

  4. Hey dear! Glad to see you are back; I'll update the blog addy I have linked to you.

  5. Good job on your bargin hunting. I often hit the bargin stores or rummage sales. I love digging through other peoples stuff and finding new treasures.

  6. Nice to see you here I have missed your blog since I left My blog site .I'll check and see if I still have the 7 shirt pattern .

  7. Awesome find, I need to start garage sale shopping!
    Glad to have you back.

  8. Hi Nancy! I'm glad to find you again. I just love your posts and look forward to seeing your great thrifty finds!

  9. Nancy, so nice to see you over here. I have missed all your beautiful work and your funny day to day life. I hope you will still share Molly aka CrazySquare