Thursday, August 27, 2009

Blocks are Done: Bistro Boxes

I spent the better part of the day listening to my iPod and sewing these blocks. Gibson wasn't quite up to "helping" in his own special way, but just having him close by was encouragement enough.

Again, the stupid cat has picked a BOX to sleep in, but he did seem to appreciate having his little quilt.


  1. You sure did not waste any time using that Jelly Roll you bought yesterday! Gibson looks a bit pathetic--like there should be birds fluttering around his head, like in the cartoons. I hope he is feeling better soon, ready to help with our sewing projects...

  2. Nice job on your Bistro Boxes quilt. Gibson looks awfully happy!

  3. Gibson is precious in his little box. Cats and boxes and quilts do all go together. Speaking of boxes, the Bistro Boxes quilt is oustanding! Ipods, audio books, and quilters are also a good combination. Blessings!

  4. Poor Gibson! He looks stoned! (Probably is.)

    Your quilt is so cute! You are FAST.

  5. That jelly roll made a really nice top! Poor Gibson. Maybe if you put sides on that brass bed, he'd be more likely to sleep in it. Cats seem to love enclosures. Lane

  6. I can NOT believe you made all those blocks in one day...I am really gonna stop trying to keep up with you! ( I love the way they came out Nancy.) At least when you are in school I have a fighting chance :0).
    I'm still plugging away at the shirt stripe-boxes.

    Happy keep me inspired