Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Cloud of Depression has passed from this house....

...Gibson is home! Itty Bitty and I drove to Aylmer this morning to pick him up from the vet's. He was happy to see us. He looks sad and pitiful, mourning the loss of his manhood, not to mention his four sore paws. The vet gave us a few more days of pain medication, and we're to keep him from running around too much.

Last night was declared QNIC (Quilting Night in Canada), and we had great S.E.X.!!!! (Stash Enhancement eXperience/eXpedition). Seven of us drove down to T'Burg (Tilsonburg - my back still aches when I hear that word) to visit Cynthia at Cherished Pieces.

I borrowed "Jelly Roll Quilts" from quilty friend Heather, and I'm going to create a quilt today using the Jelly Roll I brought home last night. It's Bistro by Deb Strain.

Now that I have my sewing buddy back, maybe I can get some work done around here!


  1. Glad Gibson's home. Enjoy your sewing. I am envious. Lane

  2. Glad to hear Gibson's home and doing better. We had a cat where when he was scheduled to go into the vet for the same procedure, he would disappear and we couldn't find him until it was too late to take him in. We ended up rescheduling his appointment three or four times before we finally made it. The vet said it happens all the time. I think they have a sense that tells me when they have to go in to see the vet. LOL

  3. Glad for you that little Gibson is home! He (It) is just the cutest cat and I'm not a cat person :-). Wow, you're finished with that quilt top already? I have too many UFO's around to cut into my lovely new fabric, but I did make a table runner for a friend on Thursday evening and Friday morning. The binding's almost sewn on. After I give it to her on Monday, I'll post pictures. Working on Joey's JK quilt today.