Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Finish! and another Seven Shirts Quilt

I finished the last stitch in the binding late this afternoon - - just in time to deliver Bistro Boxes as a birthday/get well soon gift for friend and neighbour Lauri, who was in a serious accident two weeks ago, and ANOTHER accident on Friday.

YES! Can you believe that? She was on her way to London when t-boned by a drunk driver two weeks ago, which pushed her van into oncoming traffic, then front ended by another vehicle. She's still in the hospital, recovering from two surgeries to repair a fractured femur, and fractured elbow, not to mention fractured ribs & sternum. She was transferred to the local General hospital last week, and went by medical transport back to London to see one of the surgeons on Friday. On the trip home - WAS IN ANOTHER ACCIDENT!!!

And get this - - it gets stranger - - my ex-husband was on the same transport (he goes over to London 3x a week for dialysis) and the strap securing his wheelchair broke, causing him to land on top of Lauri. No, she wasn't hurt, but now HE has a fractured femur!!! Can you believe this?

I went to see both of them at the hospital tonight, and she liked her quilt. She particularly liked the fabrics! She looked very good, particularly considering all she'd been through. She might be able to come home later this week, but expects it to take a year to recover.

Note to self: NEVER go to London with Lauri.

Linda S. in Texas sent me a photo of her interpretation of the Seven Shirts quilt. I think it's lovely! Nice bright yellow, and red - - and she's working on a second top. Can't wait to see a photo of that - thank you Linda!


  1. Ummmm never go anywhee with Lauri....poor girl!
    My goodness you couldn't make that up!
    What a nice thing to give her Nancy.

    Love Linda's 7 shirt quilt. Great colors.
    I hope it makes you feel good to know how many of us enjoyed that little mystery on your blog.

    Happy Sewing

  2. How bizarre and unfortunate for your friend (and your ex!). That quilt would cheer me up for sure. You sure did get a lot done during your break!

  3. How sad for your friend and ex. Your quilt is lovely and I'm sure is well appreciated!