Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sunbonnet Progress

I've got the front together, and I'm struggling with the back. In theory...I could be putting the binding on by tomorrow! Just 3 1/2 more horizontal seams. Then, onto the next UFO!
This is probably one of the strangest looking quilts I've ever made, but I like that I created the whole thing using Repro 30's & 40's stash that I'd already had on hand, plus scraps of batting. I hate to admit, I had to buy thread yesterday - - I've been using so much this past week!


  1. It looks lovely, my DIL would adore this quilt (she is the repo lover in the family) Thanksfully I went through my Sunbonnet phase a few years back so I won't have to copy you and start cutting. (Yeah- I might celebrate by doing a post of past Sue's)- never mind too tired!- cw

  2. You are a wonder. Did I ever tell you I used to try to keep up with you? But, I learned that I can't. The quilt looks great! As all your work does. My grandmother used to make sunbonnet sues and overall bills when I was a kid. My sister used to have one. I wonder what ever happened to it? Take care and keep on stitching! Lane Oh, and enjoy your break, too. Lovin the pics of the kitten watching you. Mine have never been interested in watching, but have been known to chew on a template or two.

  3. That is lovely. My aunt made one of these for each of the neices (and a boy for) the nephew. Then, for our kids, she did a mixed boy/girl crib quilt. I love Dutch girls and boys!!!

  4. That is a darling quilt! I adore the repro 30's and 40's fabrics.

  5. I'm not a SBS fan but your quilt is darling and you sure are making the best of your school break!
    Seriously, I can't keep up with you and I'm retired! I do love pieced backs just makes the quilt more interesting.

    Happy sewing,