Thursday, August 6, 2009

Shirt-Stripe Boxes

The kitten has been "helping me". Together we have gotten through 12 shirts, making a total of 21 nine inch blocks, 39 six inch blocks, and 106 three inch blocks. I went out thrifting after school this afternoon and got three more shirts--I hope that will finish it off. I'm saving the backs to piece together for the back. If I was cutting into those as well, I'm sure I'd have the blocks done.

Anita has been hard at work on her Shirt-Stripe Boxes too, as has Amy. Anyone else taking up the challenge?


  1. Love your blocks, Nancy!!! I wish I had an adorable kitten helper! I only have a shirt thrifting helper who needs to be kept happy with regular "feedings" of food and books. This is fun, isn't it?!

  2. Oh yes I am going to take the challenge as much as I do not need another project I do love the look of this quilt and have for years!
    I'll pick up the book from the library today and get back to making my blocks.......

    I still have to make all the HST for "pick and choose" and since the scrappy look kind of got out of control, I'll do them all in the same two colors to see if that brings the quilt together.

    Good luck on that shirt hunt :0)
    Happy sewing

  3. Great looking squares! I can't wait to see all the finished quilts when everyone is done.