Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Thrifty Find - What do I do with these???

I had a little time on Monday afternoon to visit a local thrift store, and found a little sandwich baggie with vintage hand pieced Grandmother's Fan blocks.

Those look like genuine feed sack prints to me!

Bubblegum pink quarter circles...

...and hand stitched seams.  These are no where near that standard 1/4" we expect to see today.

I had a thrifted pink cotton shirt in my stash that is soooooo close to that same bubble gum pink.  It was a small shirt, so I had to piece some of the background blocks together.  I fused the blocks to the background, simply because I don't expect those teeny seams, and old thread to hold together.  Then I used a tiny blanket stitch around the edges of the fan blades.

Thirteen blocks.  These blocks are 6.5" (unfinished).  I have no idea what I'm going to do with these...a miniature quilt?  A doll quilt?  A pillow?  I intend to trim the blocks down a bit to remove some of the solid colour and let the prints sing out a little louder.


  1. I will be watching with great interest to see what you do with them. I'd find some way to turn them into a Blanket of Love which are given to parents of babies born "asleep".

  2. Would you like a muslin feedsack to continue on with? I have a knee high stack of them...

  3. I probably have a small pile of similar prints if you want to make a few more blocks. I stashbusting goal is use it or gift it, tag you are it-- lol

    1. Thank you Cheryl! Sorry for the delay in replying - I just replaced my dead laptop today.

    2. and...I just printed out your addy to make a pile to send you. fingers crossed I can get to it today, sorry for being so slow.
      I either make piles or plan to make piles or forget I said I was going to make a pile--lol

  4. What a beautiful find. I love the idea of the baby quilt and if you are being gifted a lovely stash then maybe you can make a bigger one in a similar vein.