Monday, May 27, 2013

Working on Some UFOs

I bought a couple of embroidered samplers at a yard sale about four years ago.  I've been planning to make these into pillows.  I actually have already purchased two 12" x 18" oblong pillow forms - just needed some inspiration.  I love that both stitcheries are the same size, and both have houses on them.  The linen fabric is slightly different, and the red-roofed house was stitched on pre-printed pattern by an inexperienced seamstress. I don't think I bought these together -- I think it was two different yard sales.

I had set aside a shoebox full of Thimbleberries-type fabrics for just such inspiration to arrive - - but changed my mind.  Instead, I'm diving into the bags of CW repro scraps.

First - frame them into a "useable" size:

Next - piece some small versions of traditional blocks. 

I've drafted out a basic plan for the patchwork


  1. Really beautiful little stitcheries, should make great pillows.

  2. Looks like its going to be well worth the four yr wait!