Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Dangerous territory....

He did it again...

There have been some ongoing skirmishes regarding Itty Bitty's encroachment of my sewing space.  Just look at THAT!  He's just lucky that I didn't slice his jeans up into 2.5" strips.

I spent the whole day yesterday coughing...and coughing...and coughing.  Colleagues diagnosed me with walking pneumonia, congestive heart failure, and whooping cough.  I was annoyed - particularly at the FABULOUS seminar I attended yesterday on Somatic Experiencing of Trauma.  I am sure everyone seated around me wanted to kill me.

I had a dreadful night - maybe a full four hours total - coughing, and congestion, and aches and pains.  This morning I awoke with laryngitis.  So I'm staying home.  I was supposed to go to Toronto today to attend a work related workshop that I've been looking forward to for two months!!!

So, before I headed back to bed, I decided to do a little sewing.

Hand quilting done on this pillow front:

And pieced together a back with scraps.

I don't have anything left for binding...I'll have to dig deep in the stash to find something suitable.


  1. Your pillow is looking great!! Hope you are feeling better soon!!

  2. He is walking a dangerous line that son of yours. One slice into his jeans would be all it took to get his attention or jog his memory... :-)
    Feel better soon!

  3. He is walking a dangerous line indeed! I hope you are feeling much better soon.

  4. Do hope your cough is better. So many around here are experiencing the same, including my husband, and the doctors are basically telling them to tough it out. Easy for the doc to say - not so easy for the patient! Love your pillow.

  5. Your pillow is really pretty! Are you following a pattern, or did you design it yourself?