Friday, May 31, 2013

Lucy's All Better - June Goals

I wasn't sure where to take Lucy, so I googled to find a local Janome service provider, and came up with Triangle Sewing Centre.  It's just a few blocks from where I live, and just across the street from the local quilt shop.  WOW!  SO MUCH EYE CANDY!!!  

I dropped Lucy onto the serviceman's table, explained what she was doing.  He explained that there was a problem with a circuit board in the foot pedal itself, and I would need to replace the foot pedal, and he had a suitable replacement in stock!  Terrific!  

The shop is PACKED with so much to see - - the most batiks I'd ever seen, so many quilting books, threads, notions.  I'll have to go back someday soon to have a more thorough look.  I asked about local long arm quilters, and the ladies gave me a couple of business cards and brochures, and made some personal recommendations.  I also asked about a special notion that I had heard about, but couldn't think of the name, and one of the staff knew exactly what I was talking about.

Little Genie Magic Bobbin Washers - I've read some reviews about this product, and hope that I'll experience some improvement in my own FMQ.  

"These slick space age washers eliminate the backlash in the bobbin when changing directions at high speed. Backlash creates "birds nests"in free-motion quilting and embroidery. Just drop a LITTLE GENIE in the bobbin case, replace the bobbin and you're good to go!. Fits all domestic machines. Designed by author, teacher and award winning quilter Sharon Schamber. Package of 12. Tough and long-lasting."

I find that if my stitch speed is too slow, I don't get nicely rounded curves, but if my stitch speed is too fast, the bobbin thread drags on the back, and looks terrible.

I'm a little alarmed at the price.  I paid $13 (Canadian) for a package of 12 little plastic discs.  Seems sort of inflated - but if it works, I'll retract any complaint about price - they will be worth every penny.  I'll report back.

I took some time to give Lucy some TLC last night - a thorough wipe down, cleaned all the lint out of her, a drip of oil, and a needle change.  She's sweetly humming along, and I gave her a test drive:

I-13 Sweet Harmony

June Goals

1. Well, now that I've gotten Dear Jane back on my mind, and recognized that I have so very few blocks left to do, I will finish one block a week for the month of June.

2. Continue keeping up with Grandmother's Choice Block of the Week.  There's only 10 weeks left of blocks, but because there is 5 Saturdays in June - that means five blocks

3. Sampler Pillows - complete piecing, quilt, and finish.

4. Pick a quilt top - ANY quilt top and FINISH IT!  For months I've been saying I would be finishing "Heart of the Home" - but have yet to make any actual moves to do so.  Enough!  I'm not sure what's holding me back, so I'm committing to choose any of the MANY flimsies in the pile and make it into a real finished quilt.  If it happens to be "Heart of the Home"...well, all the better.

5. Pull out one of my "pre-cut" quilt kits, and start it as a Leader & Ender project.  I need to have something to slip under my needle while I'm piecing Dear Jane blocks.


  1. Nice that you found a shop so close to home. You really do need to finish that quilt - its a real beauty!

  2. I use the bobbin genies. I like that they reduce static which is very prevalent here where we have10% humidity.

  3. Its's great that Lucy is working well again. My machine doesn't have a name but she sure needs a service. Good luck with your goals.

  4. What a great idea having several precut quilt kits... love it! Good luck on your finishes... See you at the end of June for your report!

  5. Best of luck on Jane. Leaders and Enders are sure to get done in bunches while you make more blocks.