Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mother's Day

Today turned out to be a great early Mother's Day for me. It could have been a couple of degrees warmer, but at least it was dry.

The three of us struck out early this morning for town wide yard sales in Heidelberg.  Just like last week, we were in Mennonite country, but this week, we were SMACK DAB CENTRE of Mennonite Country!  It was interesting parking roadside with horses and wagons front and back!  We had to be careful not to step into 'road apples' as we walked through the neighbourhoods of modern subdivisions.  No remarkable finds this week - - a few goodies though.  Itty Bitty got a bookshelf -- something he's been looking for for a couple of weeks.  I got some quilting books, some embroidery transfers, a few odds and ends.

Then we went to the St. Jacob's Farmers' Market.  All the years we've been regular visitors to St. Jacob's, this was our first visit to the market.  After browsing around, and picking up some fruit and veggies, we headed into St. Jacob's proper, and Itty Bitty treated us to an early Mother's Day lunch at the Stone Crock.  

The men patiently waited while I visited Reichards Quilt Store.  It was busy, and all the fabric was 25% off - - and then I realized it was a Shop Hop!  RATS!  I missed it!  Oh well, I had a bit of a mini-shop hop anyway, because on the way home we stopped at a quilt store in Elmira that I had never visited before: Quilter's Nine Patch.  OH MY!  I'm going to become a regular visitor.  I came out with a bag full of goodies!!!

Tonight I did some quilting, and finished one of my pillows.  I used my walking foot for the first time ever -- had to get out my instruction book to figure it out!  I'm hoping to finish the partner to this one tomorrow!

And here's a photo of the new borders on Virginia Bound. I used my Dear Jane ruler to cut the string blocks.  I feel like I want to do one more border...hmmmmmmm.  Or maybe dark binding will be enough.  Any thoughts?


  1. Love the Quilters Nine Patch in Elmira ,the ladies answer all questions and I could stand there for hours watching them hand quilt .There's also a large thrift store there ,for the life of me I can't remember the name of it ,just ask the ladies at the quilt store it's just up the side street from them .

    1. I'll look for that thrift store next time. Thanks for the tip Hazel!

  2. I love the Quilter's Nine Patch too! One of my favourite places to stop when I am in Ontario visiting family and friends. So much eye candy and inspiration. Love all the wool projects in their wool corner and usually a bargain in the sale corner. The food on the other side is great too!
    Great show and tell...Unless you need to add more to the quilt for size, I agree that maybe just a dark binding. If you add a border I would probably add a narrow dark border before adding a strippy/scrappy border and then bind in a dark. Either way it is a pretty quilt.

  3. I kinda figured the restaurant was worth a visit - - there seemed to be lots of folks waiting for a table, and this was about 2 in the afternoon! It was the sale corner that nailed me - - I brought home 15 bags of scraps!!! I spent a delightful evening sorting through them all last night. So many CW repros! I've got some project ideas already.

    The Virginia Bound quilt is a good double size right now - which is the size of our spare bed. Goodness knows I have enough Queen sized flimsies waiting to be finished. Maybe I'll stop while I'm ahead, and go with a dark binding. Thanks for thinking this through with me.