Sunday, May 5, 2013

Computer Issues

I've been a little on the quiet side...

My laptop is on the fritz.  It works just fine, but the screen is completely black.  Itty Bitty has hooked it up to  Hubby's desktop monitor, but it is completely inconvenient.

Beautiful weather!  Finally, spring!  The three of us went to a town-wide yard sale in Mannheim (near Kitchener) yesterday.  I expected I might find lots of quilty goodness in Mennonite country, but alas, it wasn't to be.  I did see lots of quilt-themed art, and plenty of scrapbook/stamping supplies, but not much else I was interested in.  

One great find though!  A new office chair for my sewing room for $5!!!  It's fully adjustable, and in good condition.  I had been using a dining room chair up to now, and I was afraid it was going to soon get wobbly from skooching it back and forth from where I cut to where I sew.  

I also picked up a supply of journals for a ridiculous cheap price - - now when I suggest to clients that journalling might be a good strategy for them, I can offer to give them a journal at the same time.

I pieced together a new border for Virginia Bound - I'll post photos when I get them on.  I have to "unsew" the original border first!  


  1. Un-sewing is not fun, but if you can find a good movie to watch it makes the process fly by.

  2. The chair sounds like a good buy! I have not yet managed to get into the hang of journaling -- I have the supplies, I like to write/draw/collage but just don't see the point! Unfortunately I always have to fight myself in the battle of "useful" versus "Just for fun"!