Friday, January 4, 2013


My boss reviewed my (last year's) vacation time, lieu time, and sick time on Wednesday - - and insisted I start taking some time off.  So, I didn't have anything booked for today, and decided to take a day off to spend with Itty Bitty before he goes back to university.  Instead of doing something fun, we actually ended up doing chores - laundry, groceries, cleaning.  But that leaves the weekend free for fun!

So, I thought I would post tonight about my progress with January's goals.

I did go to the library on Wednesday to get some books (inspiration!) for how to finish some of these partial quilt tops, and spent the last couple of evenings leafing through them. For Virginia Bound, I am going to do a scrappy piano key border, and tonight I sketched out the borders for Black & White, and the Tulip appliqué.  I also made a decision about how to finish my Sylvia's Bridal Sampler (which involves making four more blocks).  It will be similar to this, but a little longer: 

When designing the borders for my quilts, I had to figure out just how big I wanted them.  So, I consulted a few websites.

and from Pinterest:

I also finished the 10 bookmarks, and took them into work to give to my colleague.  She was very excited to donate them to Action Read, and picked one out for herself to keep.  That made me feel good about that finish!

Partial finishes of goals: 1) I've caught up with Grandmother's Choice blocks - four more to go, and 2) I have one Dear Jane block done - one more to go.

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