Saturday, January 19, 2013

Saturday Sleep-In, Sew-In, Settle-In

We just got home from getting a few groceries, and Hubby says, "We don't have to leave the house until tomorrow when I take the garbage out!"  I like the way this man thinks!

Took a side trip to Chapters and got a copy of Jennifer Chiaverini's "Mrs. Lincoln's Dressmaker".  After reading a couple of reviews here, here, and here I decided this was a great choice for a "To me, from me, with all my love" birthday present. All of the reviews mention that the novel gets a little slow with too many battle related details, but I am passionate about history, so I bet I'll have extraordinary tolerance for those bits. I can't start reading it yet though, because I'm still working on "The Secret Keeper".

And just because I've been an extra good girl, how about a glossy quilting magazine?

I liked a lot of quilts in the magazine, but I'm particularly drawn to this one: 

I was pretty impressed with the slick piecing trick to make the LeMoyne Star blocks without any set in Y-seams!  I will have to try that technique out - - perhaps this weekend as a replacement for this week's Grandmother's Choice BOW: Parasol.  I don't like it - I don't think it will fit in well with the blocks I've made so far.  I'll let you know what I decide!

 I spent some time last night cutting the sashing pieces for Sylvia's Bridal Sampler while watching TV.  I left them all stacked up neatly on the coffee table in wait for morning when I could start sewing them to the blocks.  When I awoke this morning, eager to get to work, I realized my favourite furry friend had spread the neat pile all over the apartment. Seriously Gibson? I hope I've found them all, and only a few were really hairy.  


  1. Just picked that issue up myself this week to read on the plane. I was thinking about the basket of Kansas Troubles fat quarters I have and wondered how that would look in that pattern. But I was trying to make at least the first three months of this year a time to complete the undone before moving on. It's so hard to resist inspiration no matter where it comes from. Should have stuck with my knitting instead of buying the mag.

  2. I'm glad I did spoil the end of The Secret Keeper for you. Let me know what you think when you finish it.

  3. Oh, I do hope you found them all -- that certainly wouldn't have been a good surprise first thing in the morning!

    I have only read one Kate Morton book, "The Distant Hours" which was the best written book I read in 2012. I will have to keep my eyes open for "The Secret Keeper".