Saturday, January 12, 2013

Weird stuff found in my sewing boxes

I'm continuing to work away at this month's goals.  One of them is to consolidate and sort out a number of sewing boxes - and it was time to head over to Michaels with my 40% off coupon and purchase a new box that would store my notions and tools in a space saving way.

However, I couldn't resist this rolling cart, with two shelves and eight drawers. The regular price was $119, but it was on final clearance for $34.  While Hubby put it together, I sorted sewing stuff.

...and I found some weird stuff.  This pair of scissors is marked "Equity", and I have no idea what their purpose is.  Why the big notch in the crotch?

This plastic gadget has a lot of purposes.  I kept it as a tool to poke out corners when turning sewn items outside right.  But actually, it is a letter opener, a ruler, and a postal meter.  Seriously!  You put your letter in the 'claws' on the end then hold the tool between your thumb and forefinger at the red dots.  Each dot represents a weight measurement, and if the tool is level, that is the weight of your letter, and you will know how much postage to put on it.

It must be quite an age.  The phone number for Clark's Flour and Feed is only two digits!!!

And a kilt pin


  1. The "notch in the crotch" of those sissors is for cutting button holes. The fabric ahead of the hole to be cut would be gathered in the notch and then the cutting would begin after the buttonhole stitching. I had a pair years ago when I made my own clothes and absolutely loved them! It's been a long time since I've seen a pair.

  2. I did now that about the scissors, learn something new everyday.
    I have way too much misc stuff to even know how to organize it. I keep a plastic tub near my sewing area and throw everything into it when i want to 'clean' Later I empty what doesn't get put away back into another larger tub- lol Keep thinking I will put stuff up and/or make baggies to yard sale of the junk left behind. never happens- lol

    yes those larger tubs are taking over my sewing room.