Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Some sewing time...at the crack of dawn

I was up at the "Crack of Holy $#!}" this morning...and my e-reader needed a charge so I crawled out of my nice warm bed, turned on CBC Radio and spent a quiet hour at my machine, merrily sewing away.  I finished all the units for Aunt Lizzie's Scrap Basket before having to shut 'er down to get ready for the work day. Tonight, while Hubby practised on his guitar I started to sew the units into pairs.  Nice, nearly mindless.  Is there anything quite like it?

While surfing around the www tonight, I found a couple of super cool links that I know other quilters need to know about.  Check out these links:

My Go-Go Life: My Christmas Hippie Chic Bus Pillow you can print on Pellon Wonder Under!!!!!  I can't wait to try this!

From Pixels to Patchwork : Free Printable Quilt Project Sheets  I think these might be helpful in organizing these UFO's for me.


  1. Good grief what time did you get up? That is quite a pile of blocks to do before work...
    Thanks for the links. I agree, very good info.

  2. I LOVE getting up earlier than everyone else on the weekends and sewing for hours like that, or staying up late during the week after they have all went too bed just me and the hum of the machine. I get sooo much done that way.

  3. Ooooo, the crack do dawn? No thanks, I'd rather be sleeping! But the again, I don't have to go to work so I get my sewing time in later! Thanks for the interesting links!

  4. I really couldn't see the blocks for your Aunt Lizzie scrap bag very well. Do you have a picture or can point me toward the pattern?


  5. your grandmothers dream I love your colors its just scrappy and I think Id like to make one of these looks like fun. Debbie Kelly