Thursday, June 10, 2010


With shelves!

The stack of silver tins holds WIPs (work in progress), and on the right hand is a stack of vintage linens (mostly pillow cases) I intend to do something with.

I don't know how well you can see it, but there is a cross-stitched sampler on the left second shelf that says "Hand and Heart Shall Never Part" -- must have been a yard sale find that I forgot I had.

The two baskets on the bottom hold thrifted shirts, all deconstructed and ready to become something wonderful!

And just a reminder of what it was that inspired me:

Now I'll have to keep my eyes open for another something similar.  See...none of my actual fabric stash went into this cupboard.  I still have lots of wallpaper to cover a back and shelves!


  1. Oh, Nancy, it is AWESOME! Great job! I like it so much better when you aren't taking classes...

  2. Incredible job...just as nice if not nicer than the inspiration!! Way to go!!

  3. Adorable, great job. I'm so jealous. Congrats.

  4. Very nice I prefer yous to the original ,the dollies over the shelves are a nice touch.

  5. Nancy that looks great! I love the black and white combo, and the fact you can see through the doors into the cupboard! xox

  6. This is LOVELY!!! Thanks for sharing The Process; it's been fun to follow along.

    Get well!!!

    ~ Ronda