Monday, June 28, 2010

Flowers? For ME???

Absolutely!  And just why did I buy myself flowers today?  Well...part of my Simple Abundance Project is to trim down everything in my life - even me!  And to that end, I've lost 5 pounds. 

C-4 Sister's Choice

I made another block for Sylvia's Bridal Sampler yesterday. This is number 68 of 140. 

I found this wooden tray at the thrift store, and gave it a coat of "Bahama Sea" blue paint.  Strangely enough, this plastic cutlery tray fit inside if perfectly!  This will work nicely to organize the strips for my Log Cabin quilt blocks. 

Last week, Itty Bitty and I were in North London, so I slipped up to Cotton-By-Post to see if they had a fabric to match the green centres of the GFG's I've been working on. They did!  Just thought I'd share that they are celebrating Canada Day this coming Friday and Saturday with sales, and taking Canadian Tire money at par!

Now, I don't think I'll be getting back there for the sale - - but if you want to maximize your savings, Canadian Tire is offering a great deal on June 29 & 30. If you spend $40 and pay using cash, debit or your Canadian Tire Mastercard you will get an extra $10 in Canadian Tire ‘Money’ rewards. This 2 day deal excludes giftcards, gas bar purchases and auto services. You do need a coupon to get the extra $10 and they can be found in the June 25- July 1 flyer on the front page.  It's certainly not hard to spend $40 at Canadian Tire! Hmmmm...I need paint.....


  1. Congrats on losing the poundage. Everyone deserves fresh flowers once in awhile--you've earned them, so enjoy. Happy Canada Day--I'll be thinking of you on the Fourth.

  2. Well done on shedding 5lb. The flowers are well deserved. Someone told me yesterday that they formed a slimming club and set a target date to lose a certain amount of weight and if they didn't do it then they had to pay all the other members of the group a fixed amount of money. Needless to say they all lost the weight. Ingenious. Love the little tray. I am watching with interest as I plan to make my sewing room.

  3. Wahooo! Five pounds off is great! Clever idea for tray and sorting your log cabin pieces.

  4. Cutlery tray for log cabin strips - perfect! Congrats on the weight loss!