Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What's Inspiring Me - on Wednesday!

I only got two GFG flowers done this week.  The truth is....(dum! dum! dum! dum!) I'm out of the plain green centre fabric.  I think this brings me up to 49 flowers in total.  I have some more hexi's prepped to be stitched into blossoms, but nooooo centres.  I stopped into Lens Mills on Monday, but they had NOTHING similar.  Met quilty friend Jacqui there, and she suggested Fabricland, but I have a sneaking suspicion I'm going to have to go up to The Marsh Store.

But this means I've been able to make quite a bit of headway on my Log Cabin blocks.  Three more logs on each block, and they are done!  Boy, did I ever use up a lot of scrap material!

The Simple Abundance Project continues.  I dropped off another bag of stuff from my kitchen at the thrift store this morning.  Also, I threw out all of the jams and pickles that I put up ...was it three years ago?...yesterday, which was garbage day. That opened up a shelf in the basement.  Hubby and Itty Bitty are getting in on the project too.  They contributed a bag of stuff from the man cave/music studio this morning, and last night, we dropped off an extra electronic Keyboard at a friend's house.  Feels good!

Bathroom Demo/Reno Hell 2010 continues.  Good thing I didn't hold my breath about Monday being completion day.  The only things left to do: install cove molding, install a light fixture, install mirror/medicine cabinet, some caulking, a little touch-up painting here and there.  It's all but done!  If I thought I could do the trim myself, I'd do it.  Maybe Itty Bitty and I are up to the challenge.  Feel like playing with some electricity today baby??? 

Incidently, the wall colour in the advertisement above --it's called "Rain Washed" is the colour of my bathroom paint.

The next thing I want to locate is one of these chrome rack sort of things that are shown in the two pictures below.  I don't know what to call them.  But at least I have photos, so I can walk into a place and say, "Hey, have you got anything like this?"

Next on my mind is painting our bedroom.  I've hated the wall colour since we moved in, in 2004.  It's a dull dark'ish' grey-blue.  Think storm clouds, cramps, and broken dreams.  It's THAT depressing.

It is a HUGE room - it was once 2 small bedrooms, but prior to our arrival, it was converted into one big bedroom with an enormous walk-in closet.  Our furniture is very dark wood. So I've been flipping through decorating magazines, trying to decide on some colours that are a little more uplifting, while still restful.  Here's a couple of ads - -

What colour is your bedroom?  What is your best advice on bedroom wall colour?


  1. Cream. Really it was called "Antique White". I like light rooms, and this goes with ANY color of bedspread/quilt I put on the bed, and ANY artwork I put on the walls.

  2. My bedroom has one wall that is a deep lavender and the rest is a very pale cream. Choose something restful. I once painted a bedroom banana yellow and had the most dreadful night. The following day I painted it pale pink and slept like a baby.

  3. My bedroom is a pale yellow, but I intend to paint it robin's egg blue. I even have the paint. Of course, I purchased it six years ago...

    By the way, the rack is called a train rack and Pottery Barn has a lot of nifty looking ones in their online catalog.

  4. My bedroom is painted in harvest brown which is a Behr color from Home Depot. I like it a lot.

    Love your flowers you did this week. Hope you have great success in finding the fabric you need for the centers.

  5. Your flowers are lovely!!
    My bedroom is wallpapered in a pink toile. Our furniture is also quite a dark wood and the toile keeps the room feeling lighter/more open.

  6. Yellow and I want to paint it white but not stark white but like Linen or something like that. I was going to say Restoration Hardware has those racks but they are really expensive and from the States. I was looking for a store in TO which I thought was called Umbra but I think it's just a product line which has some really neat items like the rack you're looking for. Anyway, I found a website called which sells the Umbra line and it looks reasonably priced. Good luck with the renos.

  7. Lovely flowers and I love those 'indoor' pictures!

  8. Here is something similar at Sears:

    My bedroom is white - boring! But we just painted the bathroom a lovely pearl grey, and I'd love to have the bedroom that colour. It's very restful.


  9. Lovely flowers - hope you manage to get hold of some more of that lovely green fabric. My bedroom's in dire need of a the moment the walls are a cream colour and if I were to re-decorate I would probably go with a shade of cream again...I think, lol!

  10. Sad about your center fabric. Hope you can find a nice substitute.